Eco-Friendly Cleaning products

Keeping public areas clean and adhering to health codes is essential to protect public health. It includes places where people gather to work, plan and learn, such as corporate offices, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, gyms, pharmaceuticals, and hotels. These places should always be clean and tidy and maintain a standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Eco-Friendly Cleaning products not only enhances their appearance but also helps maintain public health.

Some Cleaning products used to clean these public areas and Common Places can be harmful to health. So it’s high time to choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning products that do not contain any toxic chemicals which could the potential human being as well as nature, for example, green cleaning chemicals and equipment can significantly improve indoor air quality and reduces cleaning related health problems and increases productivity and morale of the cleaning staff.

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Ecochem Deal Into Core Cleaning Products:-

Ecochem product range includes a variety of Natural, Green, Herbal and Organic Chemicals for cleaning. To make cleaners less harmful to whosoever came in contact, we also need to be sure that our solutions work as a disinfectant. Eco-Friendly Cleaning products With meditative research and development, Ecochem researchers have finally formulated a range of bio-based green cleaning products that can beat any toxic and harsh chemicals in terms of shine and cleanliness without releasing any toxins and residue behind.

1. Greener ( Multipurpose Cleaner ):

The oil stains and the appliances need a harmless, safe and efficient cleaner. The cleaner should be compatible with eco-friendly requirements. After cooking or preparing food preparation, the kitchen always results in a mess and leaves oil, grease, Tough stain on the marble, floor and other kitchen tools. The Oil and grease stains and the apparatus need a safe, effective and efficient cleaning agent.

2. Green-All ( Glass Cleaner ):

Greener is specially designed for Glass, stainless steel surface, which removes dirt & dust and does not leave anything behind. A unique fragrance, efficient cleaning performance and disinfectant calibre are the prominent features of glass cleaners. Cleaning with Greener is accessible and safe to the user because of the natural ingredients used in it. Eco-Friendly Cleaning products as in glass cleaners give sparkling shine to the surface after using which do not remove dirt only but also make the surface shiny.

3. Green Air- (Air freshener):

The majority of air fresheners you buy in the supermarket do not destroy odours but mask them. These fresheners create a coating on your nasal membranes that tells your mind into thinking that the smell has gone. As for those air fresheners that promises to kill germs is leading us to kill good bacteria while creating strains of drug-resistant harmful bacteria.

While anti-bacterial air fresheners have their place, and Green Fresh is specially made with natural fragrances which include ingredients like lemon, flowers, plants etc. which does not cause skin problems like the burning of eyes of itching or running nose because of the smell, its natural ingredients leave long-lasting mesmerizing aroma.

4. Green Shine ( Toilet & bathroom Cleaner ):

Toilet and bathroom are a significant part of any home, office, industries or any public area. Toilet & bathrooms have to be clean to avoid contact with germs, bacteria and various health problems. Cleaners available in the market for toilets and bathrooms are made up of toxic chemicals or phenols which will clean your sanitary surface but will not clean it thoroughly, and the inclusion of harmful toxic chemicals will cause damage to the surface. Eco-Friendly Cleaning products kills 99.9% of microbes efficiently, and with its green methodology, it does not affect the surface where we are applying cleaner.

5. Green-Flo ( Floor Cleaner ):

The floor is the base of everything in our home, public place or office. The floor contains the toughest stains, dirt because of daily work, which takes place there; that’s why the floor needs a deep cleaning. Eco-Friendly Cleaning products as one of floors cleaners are excellent in removing the toughest stain affecting its surface and maintain the shine and durability of the floor surface. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and leaves a magical aroma to the user due to its unique fragrance and efficient cleaning performance.

6. Green-Fresh ( Hand-wash ):

Green fresh is the premium Eco-Friendly Cleaning products of Ecochem. Hand-wash is specially made for washing hands. There are many hand-washes out there, but they are toxic, which can cause skin problems or damage skin. Eco-Friendly Cleaning products Hand-Wash is the best way to protect ourselves from disease and keep our skin safe.

Green-fresh is a herbal hand-wash with completely green ingredients. The completely green Ingredient of green fresh makes it perfect for hand wash without affecting the user. The fragrance and formulation build their unique way along with long-lasting gentle perfumed hand-wash with moisturizing effect.

7. Green-marble ( Marble Floor Cleaner ):

Whether you have marble floors, tabletops, or counters, it is essential to keep it safe and effective. Green marble is specially designed for the maintenance of all types of marble. Its neutral pH makes it suitable for acid-base marble. It leaves an addiction on the user due to its unique fragrance and efficient cleaning performance.

8. Shinner ( Hard Water Stain Remover ):

Ecochem’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning products Shinner is designed in such a way that it can remove any hard water stain from the glass without affecting its transparency. It rejuvenates the old glass like a new glass.

9. Met-Shinner ( Hard Water Stain Remover Of Metal ): 

Metal always comes in contact with water and air, which makes it looks dirty, and rusty met-shinner is ready to use gel to remove any hard water stain from the metal. Its green formulation helps to maintain metal’s durability.

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10. Grenitizer ( Hand Sanitizer ):

Daily, it seems, various sanitisers and disinfectants are used throughout the day. We’re serious about the safety of our cleaners. We want to kill the germs or microbes that may harm us, namely bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould, and parasites. In all cases, whether in the office or at home, we expect a safe, clean and disease-free place to live and work.

Grenitizer is Ecochem’s one of the premium products which kills 99.9% bacteria from our hand and moisturizes our hand with mesmerizing fragrance anytime and anywhere Grenitizer helps to prevent disease that spread from the hand bacteria.

11. Glitter ( Dishwasher gel ):

Glitter is a herbal food-grade dishwasher gel made with lemon fragrance that efficiently removes deep tough stains, clears oily surfaces without affecting their surface and gives a shiny look. Its natural fragrance leaves all utensils smelling fresh, while its pH neutral formula is gentle on your hands. It is also great value for money with one spoon of Glitter being enough to clean a full sink of dirty utensils.

12. Green-Kleen ( Industrial Degreaser):

Green-Kleen is a high-performance cleaner for the toughest stain such as oil, grease, chemical stain and paint. Its 100% green formulation gives the option to the user to eliminate this tough stain safely. Green-Kleen gives excellent cleaning results. It is highly demanded in large corporates, daily food processing plants flooring which removes oil, minerals, wax and grease from the surface.

13. Green Kleen Eraser ( Paan, Gutka, Ink Stain Remover ):

Green Kleen eraser is used to remove stains of paan and gutka, which are specially used in public areas, buildings, toilets, etc. it is highly recommended for all types of sector facilities for stain remover.


Eco-friendly Chemicals contain ingredients like lemon, baking soda, water, plants, vinegar, which are and do not harm humans, animals and nature.

Highly Recommended for:

EcoChem’s Green-Kleen Range is catering to a variety of various sectors like corporates, MNC’s, IT, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Educational institutes, Pharmaceuticals industries, Hotels, gymnasiums and the hospitality industry.

Now people are becoming more aware of environmental issues, and everyone tries to make socially responsible decisions to decrease our carbon footprint. Things like composting and recycling have become an established part of our daily life. So it’s no surprise that a growing number of consumers are opting for cleaning products labelled as being “biodegradable,” “green,” “non-toxic,” or “eco-friendly.”

By – Sancheeta Bhase