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Cleaning chemicals
Dec 21

Cleaning products play an essential role in our daily lives by providing important public and personal health benefits. They are very important at home, in school, and in the office. They help us by efficiently removing dust, germs, viruses, rust, mold, etc. By using cleaning products we can keep ourselves as well as surrounding clean.

Cleaning chemicals used for cleaning include laundry detergents, bleaches, dishwashing products, industrial removers, and other household cleaners. They provide efficient cleaning, making homes, offices, and surrounding clean and hygienic. But some chemicals can be potentially harmful and can cause long-term health effects of our everyday exposure.


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Potentially dangerous chemicals can be found in every room in our home and surrounding. If they are not properly stored or used, these products could cause minor to serious and even life-threatening health problems for us or our children.

What are these everyday household chemicals? Let’s take a tour of the rooms at our home and discover what some of these chemicals are and what all health harms they may cause:




⦁ The main ingredient of dishwashing detergents is phosphate. It can cause skin irritations or burns and may be poisonous if swallowed. They may cause irritation to the mouth and throat.

⦁ The regular glass cleaners contain some toxic chemicals. These products may be irritating to the eyes, skin, nose, and throat. If swallowed, they may cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, or even cause death.




Floor cleaners contain some surfactants that have wetting and foaming properties. If swallowed, they might cause intestine irritation, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Market local or normal branded floor cleaners due to non-toxic chemicals used in it will remove the shin & shine from the floor and start slowly damaging the flooring in coming years.




⦁ Antifreeze contains Ethylene glycol which is an extremely poisonous ingredient. Inhalation of the fumes can cause dizziness, swallowing antifreeze will cause severe damage to the heart, kidneys, and brain

⦁ Some latex paints emit formaldehyde when drying. High-level emission of formaldehyde can give a headache and irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat.

⦁ Oil-based paint contains toxic solvents that can be irritating to the eyes and skin and can damage the skin. Inhaling paint fumes can result in headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue.




Laundry detergents contain enzymes to loosen stains and ground-in dirt which may be toxic. Detergents are also responsible for many household poisonings from accidental swallowing.




Various kinds of “all-purpose” cleaning products are available in the market. These products usually contain detergents, grease remover, solvents, disinfectants, etc. Specifically, these products contain ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, sodium hypochlorite, and trisodium phosphate. The use of regular all-purpose cleaners can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat. They can be highly hazardous to both humans and animals if swallowed.




Household bleach contains the chemical sodium hypochlorite in different concentrations. Chlorine bleach liquid and vapors can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat. It can cause Dermatitis if comes in direct skin contact. Ingestion can cause severe disorders.




Toilet cleaners contain the chemicals sodium hypochlorite or hydrochloric acid, or bleach. Most disinfectant cleaners are harmful to your eyes and skin and will burn your throat.




Regular Drain cleaners can cause burning to the skin and eyes, and if swallowed, can damage the esophagus and stomach. It can irritate the skin and eyes and can damage the kidneys, liver, and digestive tract. The chemicals present in drain cleaners produce dangerous fumes, can cause skin burns and can cause blindness if they come in contact with your eyes. Drain cleaners can be fatal if swallowed.




⦁ Furniture cleaners contain some toxic chemicals that can irritate skin, eyes, throat, lungs, and windpipe. If swallowed, furniture polish can cause nausea and vomiting.

⦁ Air fresheners contain some hazardous ingredients which may cause strong irritation to the eyes, skin, and throat. These ingredients are usually highly flammable.




Green cleaning products are made up of all environment-friendly natural plants ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. They are more durable, reusable, less toxic, less resource-intensive, and safer for the environment, wildlife, and people. If, we use eco-friendly products that will not only help to protect the planet but also ensure all our family member’s health and well-being of our loved ones will be healthy and stay fit always.


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  • Green Products are non-toxic so they reduce exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals
  • Reduces asthma attacks by effectively keeping dust and chemical allergens away
  • Improves overall indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases
  • It helps to control the spread of germs, viruses, and disease-causing due to them
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly
  • Safe To the Environment


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Cleaning Chemicals-
Nov 21

Our environment is suffering a lot every day due to the activities of human beings because there were limited actions taken towards the protection of the environment. We find fossil fuels being burned daily due to which the level of level increases daily. Besides, there are millions of other things that are also impacting environmental sustainability. Increased deforestation and the use of toxic chemicals have also been part of the activities that affect how well the environment thrives.

There could be a better environment if we go with eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. In short, the production of products that are biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly is essential. It will also help in reducing pollution, protecting wildlife, conserving natural resources, and other actions that can help to slow the rate of climate change.

Everyone can make a difference, particularly when smart environmental choices become a habit. Doing the correct thing for the future of life on Earth can even have immediate personal benefits. We can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and can help our children to have a better future.

We can reduce damage to the environment by using green cleaning chemicals. Going green has several positive effects for the environment that contribute to cleaner water and air, preserve natural resources and reduce the impact of global warming.


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Reduced Pollution

A rise in air pollution can pose a high risk to the health of humans as well as to the environment. Green cleaning chemicals help the environment by reducing the amount of pollution that penetrates the soil, water, and air. By using alternative energy sources and avoiding the burning of fossil fuels, recycling and reducing waste, and driving more efficiently, fewer pollutants are released into the environment. Green cleaning products not only reduce air and water pollution but also help fight ozone depletion.


Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide are thought to be a major contributing factor to global warming. Green cleaning supports sustainability on a number of levels, including energy conservation, raw material conservation, water management, waste management, and the development of new green technologies. Adopting green cleaning chemicals can definitely reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste.


Wildlife Preservation

Going green also helps to preserve the habitats of certain species of wild animals. It is seen that many animal and insect species become extinct every day due to rainforest deforestation. By reducing consumption of paper products, buying recycled and recycling whenever possible, we can help to slow the rate of extinction for species. Going green also helps to preserve the marine wildlife that dies each year as a result of encountering pollutants or trash in the water supply.


Resource Conservation

Most of the world’s electric power is generated by the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas which may damage the environment. This leads to the emission of greenhouse gases into the air, and their limited supply makes them unsustainable in the long term. Reducing energy consumption, using alternative energy sources and recycling reduces the strain on these resources and cuts down on emissions.


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Biodegradability and Recycling

Recycling refers to the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. Green cleaning chemicals are biodegradable and are provided in recyclable containers. So it helps to reduce adverse environmental effects of transporting the product from its place of manufacture.

Cleaner, Fresher Air Quality

Green cleaning chemicals are non-hazardous for the environment as well as humans. They do not contain toxic chemicals. Green cleaning products use natural fragrances or essential oils for their many benefits and lovely smells. So it helps to keep the air fresh and clean.

So, cleaning with sustainable and green cleaning chemicals has many benefits as above. We should be more conscious about reducing pollution, protecting wildlife, conserving natural resources, and taking other steps that can help slow the rate of climate change. On the other hand, we can take a small step by using green cleaning chemicals everywhere in the house, in a free and safe manner and not contribute to environmental destruction.


Prajkta Watekar


Cleaning chemicals
Sep 21

What are Cleaning Chemicals?

Cleaning chemicals help us in activities like cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces. By safely and effectively removing soils, germs and other contaminants, they prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control allergens, such as dust and molds. They help us to stay healthy and clean. Cleaning chemicals also enable us to care for our homes, business, and possessions.

Cleaning products are one of the most common things found in day-to-day activity and can often be one of the most dangerous also. While cleaning products are necessary, it is well-known that using the incorrect products or too often can be hazardous and even result in long-term damage to one’s health as well as to the environment.


What is Corporate Cleaning and its benefits?

For every type of mess and spill, there is a specific cleaning solution. Corporate cleaning deals with non-domestic cleaning needs. Maintaining cleanliness in the workplace not only creates a healthier environment for employees but also tends to help companies become more efficient and productive.

Following are some benefits of Corporate Cleaning

  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Reduced Spread of Disease – Fewer Sick Days
  • A Safer, Healthier Work Environment
  • A Positive, Professional Appearance
  • Long Term Cost Savings
  • Higher Quality Cleaning
  • Boost office morale

Considering the side-effects of toxic regular chemicals, “green cleaning” products have become a natural replacement for many of the potentially harmful products used in everyday cleaning tasks. Natural cleaning products are safer, cheaper, and effective.

So, with the objective to make cleaners less harmful to human beings as well as the environment Ecochem researchers have finally formulated a range of bio-based green cleaning products that can beat any harsh chemicals in terms of shine and cleanliness without releasing any toxins and residue behind.


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List of Best Corporate Green Cleaning Chemicals By Ecochem:


Eco-Green Flo is a cleaning chemical made with extrinsic research from researchers at Ecochem. It has a strong ability to sanitize any type of floor gently and adds a mirror shine to the surfaces. With single usage, the solution cleanses ceramic walls, floor tiles, lacquered surfaces, marble floors, marble surfaces, ceramic walls in minutes.

It has a pleasant smell along with germ-killing agents. Eco-Green Flo is hard on water stains and rust stains leaving the Industrial, corporate, hotels, and hospital floor clean and 99.99% germs-free.



Marble stone is a one of a kind natural stone famous for its uses in construction purposes. It is highly demanded and quite popular in the building business due to its aesthetic appeal and great durability. Maintainance of marble requires deliberate care and attention. It gets damaged and loses its shine if we use toxic cleaning chemicals.

So, Ecochem has introduced Natural, Green, Herbal and Organic Chemicals for marble cleaning. Eco-Green Marble is the marble expert that works efficiently well with acid-base sensitive Marble. It is a non-toxic green cleaning chemical and is apt for hotels and industrial use

Eco-Green Marble can beat ordinary marble chemicals for cleaning in results and safety, as it is formulated with organic bases and concentrated natural cleansers that ensure safety.



Toilets contain excessive amounts of hidden germs. Various common germs and viruses can be transmitted from a dirty toilet. Therefore there is no doubt that we should clean these dirty toilets with an effective and safe cleaner.

Ecochem scientists have prepared natural, green herbal and organic chemicals for cleaning to provide the best toilet cleaner. Eco-Green shine is a harmless and non-toxic bio-based cleaning product that releases no toxic fumes and leaves the area odor-free.

Hard water staining, lime deposits, and bacterial infections can easily be removed, and one can quickly notice the results only with the first usage. Its application does not irritate the eyes and skin of the applicator, making it safe for the user and the atmosphere.



Regular glass cleaning is very important because it helps to remove contaminants and pollutants that have stuck on the glass and have prevented natural light from penetrating inside. Dirt, dust and grime usually tend to settle on glass over time if they are not regularly cleaned.

Eco-Green All glass cleanser is prepared with Green Cleaning Chemicals that are non-toxic to the environment and not to the user on the other hand. It is water-based Green Cleaning Chemicals for Housekeeping and Facility Management services.


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Hands are the commonest medium of transferring viral, bacterial, or fungal infections. So it is important to maintain proper hand hygiene. But some handwash contains toxic chemicals. And overuse of this handwash can lead to dry, cracked skin as well as redness or discoloration, and flaking.

Eco-Green Fresh is the ideal green hand wash made out of specialized herbs and natural cleansers to take care of the hands and skin. With complete precision and dedication, Ecochem researchers have finally formulated a solution for hands that are always in working mode. The unique formula of green chemical for hand wash comes the safest way that drives long-lasting multi-purpose perfumed cleanser for hands.



Germs are everywhere! They can get onto hands and items we touch during daily activities and make us sick. In this pandemic, cleaning hands at key times with soap and water or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs/viruses to those around you. The use of alcohol-based hand rub is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of pathogens and infections among us.

Eco-Grenitizer is a range of biodegradable chemicals for cleaning that helps to kill hand germs by 99.99% with a mild fragrance. The ingredients involved are natural anti-bacterial plants, herbs and flowers for fragrance. This hand sanitizer is gentle on the hands and also moisturizes the hand kin without making it dry. Eco-Grenitizer is one of the premium products that contain 75% alcohol specially formulated for pharmaceuticals, processed industries, corporates, etc.



Cleaning dirty and oily utensils are yet another challenge post fulfilling the food lovers. It is not if we use the proper dishwasher for cleaning.

Ecochem has made the work easy with organic chemicals for cleaning named Eco-Glitter. This is bio-based cleaning product efficiently fights tough stains and oil from the metal surfaces adding shine to the dishware. The natural fragrance of lemon gives the surfaces a freshness and also helps easy wash of oily food stains from the utensils.



Hard water stains are left behind after the water evaporates, leaving only minerals like magnesium and calcium that are the culprit of hard water. These stains are tough to remove. With precise research and keeping the health hazards in mind, Ecochem created the advanced formula to remove hard industrial water stains instantly which is Eco-Shinner.

Eco-Shinner is a user-friendly Green Cleaning product that does not affect the transparency and shine of the glass but cleanses it gently maintaining gentle care.



The problem that bothers us most in the monsoon is that of rusting in things made of metal. A little carelessness can ruin little to heavy machinery and equipment. To resist and postpone metallic corrosion, Ecochem has formulated Eco-Met Tap Shinner. It is a non-toxic bio-based cleaning product to clean the rust and hard water stains to save it from further damage. The product is highly recommended to all the metallic industry using heavy machinery and tools to safeguard metals from corrosion.


Switch To Green Cleaning Chemicals
Aug 21

Are green cleaning chemicals better than traditional cleaning products? If you are still doubtful to switch to green cleaning chemicals, then it would be best to continue reading this blog.


The truth about traditional cleaning chemicals 

We can observe that in the name of cleanliness, we expose ourselves, our children, our family and our environment to some toxic substances present in the regular cleaning chemicals.


Ingredient dangers

Following are some toxic chemicals that are present in traditional cleaning chemicals:

  • Ammonia: Causes skin, lung, throat irritant; can cause blindness
  • Butyl Cellosolve: Causes irritation and tissue damage from inhalation
  • Hydrochloric Acid: Fatal if swallowed. Its concentrated fumes are harmful
  • Naphtha: Depresses the central nervous system
  • Perchloroethylene: Damages liver, kidney, nervous system
  • Petroleum Distillates: Highly flammable. It can damage lung tissue and nerve cells
  • Phenols: Extremely dangerous
  • Propylene Glycol: Ingestion can damage kidneys, lungs, heart, and nervous system
  • Sodium Hydroxide: Contact can cause severe damage to the eyes, skin, mouth, and throat. It can cause liver and kidney damage
  • Sodium Hypochlorite: Contact can cause severe damage to eyes, skin, mouth, and throat
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Skin irritant
  • Sulfuric Acid: It can burn skin. Exposure to concentrated fumes can be dangerous
  • Trichloroethane: Damages liver and kidney

Researchers have shown that prolonged use of many of these chemicals is dangerous. If not use carefully then these chemicals will definitely put us in danger.

But there is a safer alternative out there that is  “Green Cleaning”.


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What is “Green Cleaning”? 

Green cleaning means using cleaning chemicals with environmentally friendly ingredients to assure not only our families at home, but also the entire planet to be safe from all toxic chemicals that may cause diseases and illness.

Let’s see where we can use these green cleaning chemicals:


Cleaning Chemicals For Household Purposes:

Household cleaning products play an essential role in personal and public health. On the basis of their usage and application, the types of household cleaning products are –

Floor Cleaners

Glass Cleaners

Wood Cleaners

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Laundry detergents etc.

The use of traditional cleaning products can harm you, your family, or your pets. Symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, headaches, and more may “mysteriously” disappear once you stop using toxic cleaning chemicals and switch to green cleaning chemicals.


Cleaning Chemicals For Industrial Cleaning Purposes:

The word “industrial,” typically indicates the places such as a warehouse, factory, or power plant. Industrial cleaning relates to the maintenance of these areas. Depending on the size of the facility and its motto, industrial cleaners may need to service the following:

  • Private Offices
  • Washrooms
  • Conference, Training, and Meeting Rooms
  • Kitchens, Cafeterias, and Other Eating Areas
  • Storage Spaces including Shelving and Racking
  • Warehouse, Production, and Manufacturing Floor Areas
  • Employee Lounges and Locker Areas
  • Mechanical Equipment

In the industry safety of workers as well as the environment is very important. So it is the best way to use green cleaning chemicals for industrial cleaning.

Ecochem offers Cleaning Chemicals for Industrial use that is 100% natural with no harmful effects to the user and environment. They are degreaser, rust remover, metal stain remover, paint stripper, plastic stain remover etc.


Cleaning Chemicals For Corporate Cleaning Purposes:

Corporate cleaning is vital to improve the workplace by making it a more productive, pleasant, and comfortable environment to work in. A clean workplace will stimulate a healthy working environment, motivating and engaging employees.

There are many incentives for businesses to go green. It not only includes benefits to the environment but also improvement in employee’s health and happiness.

Ecochem provides a wide range of corporate green cleaning chemicals that are entirely different from standard cleaning chemicals. It provides bio-based green cleaning products that can beat any harsh chemicals in terms of shine and cleanliness without releasing any toxins and residue behind.


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Are you still undecided? Well, here’re some factors to consider why one should switch to Green Cleaning Chemicals.

1. Healthy and Safe

We always want the best for ourselves and our family. Regular cleaning chemicals are harmful to our health as well as to the environment. These chemicals can cause cough, skin rashes, allergies, and even headaches. All of these could be avoided and people will definitely feel a lot better by using green cleaning chemicals.

2. Fresher Air

Most traditional cleaning products contribute to pollution extremely to indoors rather than outdoors. They contain some toxic compounds which can cause damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and liver. On the other hand, green cleaning chemicals are safe to use.

3. Save the Environment!

Using green cleaning products is not only safe for us but also saves our planet. They help to minimize air and water pollution. Therefore, using greener chemicals helps each person to contribute effectively to preserving resources.

4. Cost-Effective

Traditional cleaning chemicals are typically costly. This is a direct result of the various chemical compounds utilized in making them. The raw material needed for green cleaning products are more affordable, they are promptly accessible and mainly are not a threat to your wellbeing.

5. Bio-degradable formula

Bio-degradable means can break down into basic components and go back into the earth. Green cleaning chemicals are mostly bio-degradable in nature. The best biodegradable products will leave absolutely no toxins behind, making it a much more eco-friendly choice.

6. It makes your home safe

There are many toxic materials present in regular cleaning products, which is why they come with many warning labels on them. Therefore it is best to use green chemicals to make our home a lot safer for kids and other members of our family.

7. Your household items will last longer

Green cleaning chemicals tend to last a lot longer than their counterparts. There are no side effects if we expose ourselves to them for a long time. So they are much more efficient and money-saving in the long run.

8. Cleaning becomes easier

When you use green products, you have less to worry about. As they are non-toxic, we can easily use them.

The green chemicals include almost all cleaners like floor, washroom, stains, odors, surfaces, clothes, and much more.


Go Green Today

Above are the amazing benefits of going green in your cleaning routine. It might seem daunting making the switch, but if you change one product at a time, you’ll have a whole new cleaning routine in a few months. Trust us — you’ll never look back.


By- Prajkta Watekar 


green cleaning products
Aug 21

At present, it seems that market demands for green cleaning products are increasing as consumers looking for natural cleaning products to add some sparkle to their facility, business, workplace, etc. while reducing their environmental footprint. There are many reasons that justify the shift towards green cleaning products. These include the fact that such cleaning products ensure the overall safety of human beings as well as the environment. The health benefits from the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products are the main reason they are gaining fast demand.


Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are an essential part of any living space and people consider them as part of their lifestyle. Cleaning products play a vital role in our daily lives at home, in schools, in the office, and in other segment facilities. Cleaning agents are substances (usually liquids, powders, acids, sprays, or granules) used to remove dirt, including dust, stains, bad smells, and clutter on surfaces.

They safely and effectively remove soils, germs, and other contaminants, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and control allergens, such as dust and mold, helping us to stay healthy. Cleaning products also enable us to care for our homes, surroundings, and possessions.

Chemicals used in cleaning products, such as laundry detergents, bleaches, dishwashing products, and other household cleaners, help to improve cleaning efficiency, making homes, offices, and other areas clean and more hygienic.


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Toxic chemicals in cleaning products

There are many different types of ingredients used in cleaning products to help them perform. Potentially toxic chemicals can be found in every room in your house. If these chemicals are not properly stored or used, these products could cause minor to serious and even life-threatening health problems for you or your family.

Laundry detergents

Some laundry detergent ingestion can result in nausea, vomiting, shock, convulsions, and coma. . Asthma can also develop if a person is exposed to large quantities of detergent.

All-purpose cleaners

There is a wide range of “all-purpose cleaners” available in the market. These products usually contain detergents, disinfectants, solvents, etc. Many all-purpose cleaners contain toxic elements which can be highly poisonous to both humans and animals if swallowed.


Household bleach contains the chemical sodium hypochlorite in different concentrations. Chlorine bleach liquid and vapors can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, nose, and throat.


Insecticides contain some of the toxins which are harmful to human beings. These chemicals can cause headaches, dizziness, twitching, and nausea.

Dishwashing detergents

The main ingredient in automatic and hand dishwashing detergents is phosphate. It can cause skin irritation and skin burns.

Window and glass cleaner

The basic ingredients are ammonia and isopropanol found in window and glass cleaner. These products may be irritating to the eyes, skin, nose, and throat.

Toilet bowl cleaners

Most common toilet cleaners contain toxic chemicals. Most disinfectant cleaners are very irritating to your eyes, skin and will burn your throat and generate vapors which are very dangerous.

Drain cleaners

Drain cleaners produce dangerous fumes, can cause skin burns and can cause blindness if they come in contact with your eyes. Drain cleaners can be very dangerous if swallowed.


Growing Consumer Demand For Green Cleaning Products :

In present times, there has been a sharp rise in the popularity of various bio-based products, on account of their highly eco-friendly nature. These products are made from renewable and environment-friendly sources and plant-based surfactants such as Maize and Coconut herbal.

Green chemicals are suitable alternatives to the chemicals for a wide range of applications in the food & beverages, business, automotive, personal care, packaging, pharma industries, corporate, agriculture, textiles, and among several other sectors. As green chemicals are produced using plant-based surfactants as raw materials, which are abundantly available in nature, these chemicals serve as a low-cost alternative to fossil fuels that have limited availability.


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The reasons for the growing consumer demand for green chemicals within the market are as follows :


  • Many normal chemicals have toxic elements along with a bad odor which is not present in green cleaning products as they are made naturally and of cosmetic grade.
  • People are getting to know the concerns regarding the fast-paced fossil fuel depletion.
  • People move to green cleaning products because of low production costs. . Manufacturers charge cheaper for them as they require less material to produce.
  • Green chemicals need less raw materials for their production.
  • If we use green chemicals it will help in reducing the overall carbon footprint.
  • Governments across the globe are curtailing their fossil fuel consumption, and are compelling end-use industries to adopt bio-based chemicals. Hence, the shift towards the adoption of such chemicals is promoting growth to the green chemicals market.
  • The applications of green chemicals are less harmful to the environment as well as for the users. They are designed to maintain the natural balance by reducing certain environmental impacts regarding recycling, disposal, transportation, installation, processing, and fabrication. Using green chemicals in the manufacturing of products and their applications in various industries has been able to reduce producing hazardous substances.
  • The use of green chemicals minimizes exposure to pollutants, which causes cancer, heart problems, asthma, neurological disorders, etc.
  • Shifting to eco-friendly chemicals is a great move towards sustainability at the workplace.
  • The use of green chemicals helps in decreasing the submission of allergic substances which are very harmful to human beings.
  • The use of green chemicals will lead our children to have a better future.
  • “Green Cleaning” will ensure in the long run your facilities premises are in Safe Hands along with Healthy and Productive Environment and resulting in Healthy  Employees, Healthy Business.


By- Prajkta Watekar