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Let’s hold hands to Grow Greener & Cleaner Together!

EcoChem laid its foundation stone in the year 2018 in Mumbai with a simple mission to offer facility management services and solutions. With the passage of time, we realised the need to come up with a solution to the toxic gases that not only pollutes our ecosphere but also becoming a serious health hazard to our team. Gradually we started with the concept of Green Chemicals for cleaning and this lead to the foundation of bio-based cleaning products.

We are an eco-green multi-purpose chemical manufacturer with a mission, “Green India, Safe India.” Since its inception, the EcoChem team has magnificently served its clients with Natural, Green, Herbal and Organic Chemicals for cleaning globally. We make a difference by providing Green Cleaning Chemicals for Housekeeping and Facility Management services in Mumbai.

We deal with Green Chemicals for Cleaning to disinfect spaces and surfaces, ensuring 99.99% germ-free results. All the product ranges launched by EcoChem are green chemicals for cleaning, and we also offer Cleaning Chemical for Industrial use that is 100% natural with no harmful effects to the user and environment.


In quality assurance a constant effort is made to enhance the quality practices in the organization.

Ecochem vision is to be recognized as a leading brand in the distribution of Green Environmentally-safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, chemical solutions across multiple all major part of Indian Service Industries.

Our goal is to achieve Profitable growth and take on social and environmental Responsibility, customer Satisfaction with great service and growth of Our Business.

Our Mission is to provide high-Quality products and top-notch services to our clients that add value to their business.

Ecochem product range is made up of ingredients which are FDA approved by Drug License Certification. All our products are scientifically laboratory tested as per the demands of our customers and as per all latest International Standards norms.

EcoChem is built on two major foundation stones, Green and Safe. With our objective to make cleaners less harmful to whosoever came in contact, we also need to be sure that our solutions work as a disinfectant. With meditative research and development, our researchers have finally formulated a range of bio-based green cleaning products that can beat any harsh chemicals in terms of shine and cleanliness without releasing any toxins and residue behind.

• 100% Natural
• Safe to Use
• Range of Services
• Cost-Effective
• Assured Quality
• Registered and Govt. Certified

We are different from the other industry members as we understand how important it is to switch back to green and side-lining harsh chemicals. As responsible industrialists and manufacturers, EcoChem has analysed the future needs of eco-friendly green chemicals to save the future of our upcoming generations.

Our range of products consists of EcoGreen series with 99.99% germ-free protection; all are formulated with natural anti-bacterial herbs and plants. The other chemical manufacturers are offering toxic chemicals that cause severe hazards to the user and air quality. EcoChem has set a mark in the industry as a leading eco-friendly chemical product manufacturer in Mumbai.

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