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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Chemicals

Ecochem is a recognised "Green Cleaning Chemical Company" with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We offer the strongest and least toxic industrial cleaners available anywhere. All of our products, with the exception of the use of harsh and toxic industrial cleaning chemicals, are based on our unique formulations and offer unrivalled cleaning chemicals. Our industrial cleaning chemical compounds are designed for a range of common and unique cleaning tasks. Ecochem supplies the high-quality, high-performance cleaning products you need, including degreasers, in-process cleaners, metal cleaner chemicals, and more.

Eco-Met-Tap-Shinner Metal Cleaner

To resist and postpone metallic corrosion, Ecochem has formulated Eco-Met Tap Shinner.

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Eco-Cop shiner (metal cleaner) makes the metal look shinier and bright. Its non-toxic nature makes its use smoother in food…

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Eco-Drain-O-Kleener is a bioactive liquid formulation that easily opens clogged pipes without much effort. Its unique Biodegradable composition is ideal…

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Eco Green Kleen

Our expertise lies in offering our clients with harmless cleansing products and here comes Eco-Green Kleen for all the industrial…

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Green Kleen is Highly used to remove stains of Paan and Gutka. Best for Public Areas, Toilets, Etc. Direct use…

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Eco-Green Kleenly (Washroom And Bathroom Cleaner)

Green Keenly is an organic acid-based washroom decreaser & high-performance cleaning solution for the toughest stain such as oil, paint,…

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Eco-Green Marble (Floor Cleaner)

Green-Marble is specially designed for the maintenance of all types of marble. Its neutral pH makes it suitable for acid…

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Eco-Green Pss (Paint Stripper)

The application of Eco-Green PSS is effortless and does not require any specialized equipment. Though this is an eco-friendly product,…

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Eco Green Usc A101

Eco-Green USC W201 is a mild alkaline ultra-sonic cleaner. It helps in removing the grease and oil stains easily from…

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