Eco-Green Marble- The Marble Cleaning Expert

Ecochem has introduced Natural, Green, Herbal and Organic Chemicals for cleaning and green marble cleaning solutions. With our bio-based products for cleaning or housekeeping, Eco-Green Marble is the marble expert that works efficiently well with acid-base sensitive Marble. Our Eco-Green Marble is based on the organic chemicals for cleaning and is apt for hotels and industrial use. Our manufacturing team has goals to offer safe and green cleaning solutions to all our partners worldwide.

100% Eco-friendly

Safe for the environment.

Safe to use

Perfectly simple and easy



Dilution Ratio

10 ML in 1 Litre Water

Eco-Green Marble can beat ordinary marble chemicals for cleaning in results and safety, as it is formulated with organic bases and concentrated natural cleansers that ensures safety. Ecochem members ensure that no human being gets irritation while coming in physical contact with our product range. No release of toxic gases that cause tearing or nausea to the users as all our products. Therefore, Ecochem masters the innovation of organic chemicals for cleaning and saves nature from harsh chemicals.

We strongly recommend Eco-Green Marble to hotels and industrial usage for sterilizing performance with our bio-based products for cleaning or housekeeping.

Why Choose

Eco-Green Marble For Floor Cleaner

Marble floors or marble statues,Eco-Green Marble is developed of ingredients that are purely organic and safe for the consumers. Our marble cleaning expert is efficient enough to prove its goodness as a cleaning chemical for Industrial use.

Other Product

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How often should I clean my marble surfaces?
It depends on the amount of use and foot traffic, but cleaning marble surfaces at least once a week is generally recommended to prevent build-up and staining.
2. How do I know if a cleaner is safe for use on marble?
Look for a cleaner labelled as safe for use on marble or natural stone. You can also check the ingredients list for natural or plant-based ingredients.
3. Can I make my eco-friendly marble cleaner?
Many recipes are available online for making your own eco-friendly marble cleaner using natural ingredients like baking soda, water, and essential oils.
4. Can an eco-friendly marble cleaner be used on other surfaces?
It depends on the product, but some eco-friendly marble cleaners may also be safe for use on other natural stone surfaces.
5. How do I properly clean my marble surfaces?
Use a soft, damp cloth or mop to clean your marble surfaces, and avoid using abrasive scrubbers or cleaners that could scratch the surface.

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