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Greener For Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Cleaning Calls for Greener


EcoChem is growing as a company by offering safe cleaning chemicals at reasonable prices. Our Economical green cleaning products include Greener – a multi-purpose cleanser. The formulation of user-friendly green cleaning products keeping in mind the safety of users and cleaning staff. Greener composition offers hygienic and acid-free green multi-purpose cleaning for different areas and spaces.

Our researchers at EcoChem has tested the solution over oily cooktops, greasy industrial exhausts, Dusty Chimneys, blocked kitchen windows, and almost all the corners. Greener is a Multi-purpose water-based cleaning agent and is gaining prestige as the best eco-friendly chemical product in Mumbai. Our partners take pride in using cleansers that are safe to the atmosphere and user.

We at EcoChem believes in providing our associations with acid-free green cleaning products that add an extra clear finish. Our user-friendly cleaning products attract grease and accumulated dirt, leaving the surface clean and shiny.

Eco-Greener is a Multipurpose & Kitchen Cleaner

• 100% Natural
• No residue formula
• Hygienic formula
• Adds shine to the surfaces
• Multi-purpose cleansing
• User-friendly chemicals

Dilution Ratio – 10 ML in 1 Litre Water

Greener is ideal for Hotels, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, pharmaceuticals, corporates, hospitals, and Domestic usage. Our formulation is prepared with harmless cleaning chemicals making it safe for multi-purpose. The EcoChem team believes in delivering quality and tested cleansers organically developed with minimal loss to the biosphere and its membrane. Let’s pledge to use chemical-free cleansing with improving the air quality.