Cleaning Calls Eco-Green All Glass Cleaner

Glasses are meant to shine and gloss, researchers at Ecochem offers all types of glass cleansing and care solutions with handy Green-All Glass Cleanser. It leaves surfaces shiny and acts softly on scratches leaving the glass and stainless steel polished and stain-free as it is formulated using water-based techniques. Our biodegradable chemicals for cleaning provides the best solutions to the surface by disinfecting them of microbes and bacteria.

100% Eco-friendly

Safe for the environment.

Safe to use

Perfectly simple and easy



Dilution Ratio

10 ML in 1 Litre Water

Eco-Green All glass cleanser is prepared with Environment Green Cleaning Chemicals that are not harmful to the ecosphere and not to the user on the other hand. Multiple cleaning agents in the market emit toxic gases in the air, making it unbearable for the user’s eyes and skin. Pondering over this, our researchers came up with water-based Green Cleaning Chemicals for Housekeeping and Facility

Our glass cleaner formula is non-greasy and makes the glass surface shine with a sparkling glow. We highly recommend our eco-friendly cleansing solutions to Hotels, Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, Shopping malls, educational institutes and wherever glass panels and glassware needs shine.

Glossy Glasses with Eco-Green All!


Why Choose

Eco-Green All For Glass Cleaning

With the idea of providing harmless chemicals, our team ensure that we do not compromise the cleansing actions of the chemicals. We take on the privilege as we move in the direction to make the atmosphere a safer and cleaner place to reside.

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1. Can eco-friendly glass cleaners be used on tinted windows or screens?
It's always best to check the label of your specific cleaner to see if it's safe for use on tinted windows or screens.
2. How do I clean glass surfaces without using paper towels?
Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth or a squeegee to clean glass surfaces. Microfiber cloths are reusable and can be washed and reused many times.
3. Will an eco-friendly glass cleaner harm the environment if it gets into the water supply?
Most eco-friendly glass cleaners are formulated to be safe for the environment and will not harm the water supply.
4. How often should I clean my windows with an eco-friendly glass cleaner?
It depends on your personal preference and the environment you live in, but cleaning your windows once every 1-3 months is a good rule of thumb.
5. Can I use an eco-friendly glass cleaner on my car windows?
Yes, many eco-friendly glass cleaners are safe for use on car windows, but it's always best to check the label of your specific cleaner to see if it's safe for use on automotive surfaces.

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