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Frequently Asked Questions - Green Chemicals

Green Chemistry is applied throughout the life cycle of a chemical product that helps in the creation of organic chemicals & minimization the creation of harmful products. There are 12 Principle included that provide a better structure to the product.

Green Chemicals are the chemicals that are natural & organic which creates neither any Skin Irritation nor any allergy and they are easily biodegradable.

Points below will explain why EcoChem is safe for Human beings and Environment:
Less Pollution:
As we know that nowadays pollution has been a bigger problem, if we will use organic housekeeping cleaners so less air and water pollution and it will keep humans and the environment safe. They are FDA certified chemicals for cleaning.

EcoChem direct benefits to Corporates excluding a dealer and they have10 ml to 15 ml dilution in 1 litre which works effectively.

Avoid accidents:
These organic green chemicals help in avoiding accidents that may cause us a lot in the future. Instead of waiting for more accidents to occur, we may change our method of cleaning.

These chemicals are Eco-friendly cleaning & non-toxic cleaning chemicals, which housekeeping department can use to maintain the shin and shine of their application surfaces and doesn’t have any skin infection.

Safe & healthy for human beings as well as for the environment.
99.9% kills microbes.
Cost-effective and unique fragrance.
Cleans tough stains & best cleaning performance.

Toxic Chemicals contains hazardous chemicals like parabens, phthalates, etc, which may lead to an issue in the development of the human brain. So use Organic Chemicals instead of toxic chemicals.

Toxins may enter our body through ingestion, stomach, etc which enters in our about in less than a minute.

These Non-Toxic Chemicals are equivalent or somewhat little high in few areas of cost but in the long run, will give huge above Advantages & benefits to the end user

An EcoChem product maintains the shin and shines on the application surface used and last long reducing future maintenance cost.

All the Green series is made from Cosmetic FDA Grade which is Non-toxic. EcoChem directly benefits to Corporates excluding a dealer.

EcoChem’s all Green series have neutral PH Levels where cleaning results are excellent. Neither Skin irruption nor any allergy to Housekeepers when Application is used.

All our Green Products will clean the flooring germs free. All our Green Series Floor/ Washrooms/Sanitizer/Handwash can be considered as a disinfectant

These Green chemicals can be used in any industry i.e., corporates, bakery, hospitals, schools, etc.

EcoChem excludes dealer & provides Clients Green products which are directly manufactured from our processing Labs Units.

Advantages Of Green Chemicals In Business & Economy:

    1. Less Use of Chemicals


    1. No infection & no hazardous waste disposal


    1. Saves water & energy


    Eliminates cost wastage

For removing the affected area, you will require less quantity of chemical, in this way EcoChem eliminates cost wastage.

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