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Green-Flo For Floor Cleaning

Give Floor A Glow With Green-Flo!


Green-Flo is a cleaning solution made with extrinsic research from researchers at EcoChem. With our inclination towards bio-based cleaning products, this natural concentrate has strong abilities to sanitize any type of floors gently and adds a mirror shine to the surfaces. With single usage, the solution cleanses ceramic walls, floor tiles, lacquered surfaces, marble floors, marble surfaces, ceramic walls in minutes.

With a fragrance added, our bio-based products for cleaning are a unique mix of natural germ-killing agents and green cleaning solutions. All our shareholders and partners take in pride to do our bit to the environment by using eco-friendly chemical products at cost-effective prices. We resist using chemical compositions that diffuse harmful gases in the atmosphere and irritate the eyes and nose of the user.

EchoChem offers bio-based products for cleaning, yet Green-Flo is hard on water stains and rust stains leaving the Industrial, corporate, hotels, and hospitals floor clean and 99.99% germs free. The safety information and product usage are mentioned on the packaging of the product.

Eco-Green Flo- Eco-friendly floor Cleaner

• Eco-friendly chemical product
• Leaves no traces
• Adds brilliant shine to the floor
• Low foaming
• Fresh fragrance
• Efficient cleaning of sensitive surfaces

Dilution Ratio – 10 ML in 1 Litre Water.

Our bio-based products for housekeeping like Green- Flo kills 99.9% of microbes, and the user will adore the polished surfaces as done by machine use. Our team makes regular efforts to keep nature safe and green by offering bio-based products for cleaning at corporates, hotels, hospitals, and industrial spaces.