Difference between Normal Cleaning Chemicals and Eco-friendly Cleaning Chemicals.

What do you think when you listen to the word “Eco-friendly”? “Eco-friendly” is a big-time buzzword in the house-cleaning Corridor at nearly every store. Especially companies offer cleaning supplies of all types, often in unique packaging and fragrances. Even common household names are getting in on the green trend and marketing their eco-friendly Cleaners. Eco-friendly Read more about Difference between Normal Cleaning Chemicals and Eco-friendly Cleaning Chemicals.[…]

List of Eco-Friendly Chemicals For Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Products For Cleaning One of the important and easiest ways of protecting public health is to keep the public areas clean and maintain health codes properly where the public get together to work plan and learn. Corporate offices, buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, gymnasium, pharmaceuticals, hotels are supposed to be kept clean and tidy Read more about List of Eco-Friendly Chemicals For Cleaning[…]

Why Eco-Friendly Chemical For Cleaning?

What “Eco-Friendly” Mean? Eco-friendly means being friendly to nature or a product which is not unfavourable to the environment. Products which helps to preserve natural resources like water, energy, trees etc. If you’re on the railing about health or environmental issues, saving money is another lovely captivating reason to presume homemade cleaning chemicals. The secrets of Read more about Why Eco-Friendly Chemical For Cleaning?[…]