What do you think when you listen to the word “Eco-friendly”?

“Eco-friendly” is a big-time buzzword in the house-cleaning Corridor at nearly every store. Especially companies offer cleaning supplies of all types, often in unique packaging and fragrances. Even common household names are getting in on the green trend and marketing their eco-friendly Cleaners. Eco-friendly Cleaners often come at a higher cost, but you may wonder whether they can make a difference in your house and for the environment. The use of eco-friendly Products is nowadays very trendy and attracted by the promising label of the “eco-friendly Cleaning detergents” available in every store, more and more people stop using the toxic ones. We’ve all used Normal cleaning products and looked at the package and wondered what exactly those ingredients are. After that, however, we don’t think much about that. Using eco-friendly cleaning products instead of conventional products has its own pros and cons, and it’s essential to consider different kinds of cleaning products.

Eco-friendly cleaners are made with natural ingredients which do not contain any toxic or harmless chemicals. Do you know that can eco-friendly cleaners help most of your household cleaning by saving your money? Green cleaning products can be hard to find, but the best solution is to buy green cleaning products.

Most green cleaners advertise that they are green and don’t use harmful ingredients. They also list all ingredients on the pack, so you’ll know what is in that. Some companies have pledged not to use knowingly toxic chemicals in their “green” products that aren’t as eco-friendly as they claim though, so always check labels and stay away from products that don’t disclose what’s in the product.

Our home is supposed to be clean heaven, the place where you relax, where your family stays, and where you get pleasure. There are many commercial ads of cleaners on TV promising guaranteed and effective cleaners with natural fragrances. These cleaners can clean your household stuff, but these are toxic chemicals and contains a minimum of 62 toxic chemicals. Toxic cleaning products are harmful to human health as well as the environment and can cause various health diseases and affect the durability of nature.

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Main difference:

1. Definition & Certification: You will mostly see such terms as “green,” “eco-friendly.” and “biodegradable” on many cleaning products. The hope is that these products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and harmless, but the reality is that they are advertising buzzwords and mean little or nothing. The environmental protection agency offers an environment-friendly certification called design for the environment. This certification does show you some assurances that you are purchasing an eco-friendly product. You may also want to look for the “Green Seal” certification for more strict eco-friendly standards. Certification is voluntary, so some eco-friendly cleaners may carry no certifications at all but are still safe and effective.

2. Ingredients: Normal household Cleaners contain ammonia, chlorine bleach to clean & disinfect your home. Most chemicals, like bleach, can cause serious health issues. Packages include warning labels that caution you away from touching certain products because they can cause deadly consequences. Although these Products do clean effectively but will cause health risks to humans and animals. Eco-friendly Cleaners depends on solvents like vinegar, lemon, baking soda, essential oils, natural fragrances, water that does not cause any health issue.

3. Effectiveness: Eco-friendly cleaners are more effective than typical chemicals as eco-friendly cleaners do clean without affecting the surface where we are applying eco-friendly Cleaners. While Normal Cleaners can damage the surface after using like damaging transparency of glass, removing the shine of the surface, decreasing the durability of the surface. One of the best benefits of switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is that their effects tend to last much longer than average products. Regular cleaning products are made with all kinds of toxic chemicals, which aren’t durable, do not result in long-lasting effects.

4. Health & Hygiene: Eco-friendly products contain a natural ingredient that is easy to handle and prohibits health problems and skin problems while ordinary cleaner causes severe diseases like asthma, cough, cold, nose burning, eye burning, or itching.

5. Cost difference: Eco-friendly chemicals are cost-effective than typical cleaning chemicals. Buying eco-friendly cleaners will also do multiple tasks with saving your money.

6. Environment: Eco-friendly cleaners are friendly to the environment, which helps to continue better air quality while regular cleaners emit harmful gases which can affect nature by its acidic formulas which can pollute the air. When phosphates enter waterways, they act as a fertilizer, spawning overgrowth of algae. This overage of aquatic plant life eventually destroys the water’s oxygen supply, killing off fish and other organisms. Many household Cleaning Chemicals contribute to water and ozone pollution.

7. Safety: Children and pets are especially unguarded to harmful chemicals. When you replace your cleaner with ordinary cleaners with eco-friendly ones, you’re creating a safe atmosphere for you and your loved one. Plus, switching to eco-friendly cleaning products presents an opportunity to become a role model for young children and to teach them the importance of environmental management.

8. Eliminate indoor pollution

We know about the dangers of toxic pollution indoors. Your home has many toxins in the air from a combination of cleaning products, trapped air, allergens, germs, bacteria, and even toxins produced from the decorative materials in your home. By using eco-friendly cleaning alternatives, we can help to reduce toxic chemicals and waste indoors.

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9. Pleasant scents

Natural cleaning products usually have a more pleasant scent, especially when compared to the harsh chemical odor from most cleaners. Some harsh cleaning chemicals leave a foul chemical smell in your home. In fact, many eco-friendly products use natural essential oils for fragrances. This provides freshness also can soothe nerves and give a sense of calm and relaxation.

Green cleaning is the home cleaning trend geared toward caring for the health, well-being, and sustainable practices of your family by using all-natural cleaning products.

For most makers of homemade cleaning products, this isn’t just a budget solution; it’s a lifestyle. Eco-friendly cleaning aims to keep your home and family safe, healthy, and clean and also to decrease their impact on the environment.

The central concept of any cleaning effort is to maintain high grades of hygiene. So it is vital to make sure that you are safe from hazardous cleaners. Safety always remains first. There is no point in having the areas looking clean but toxic and damaged. It is essential to know the ingredient of your cleaner before doing any cleaning activity. Always read the contents and components of the cleaner as well as the cleaning instructions.

By – Sancheeta Bhase