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What are various types of cleaning chemicals?
  • February 29, 2020
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What are the cleaning chemicals?

Cleaning chemicals play an essential role in our day to day life at home, in school, and in the office. Cleaning  Chemicals are used in making cleaning products that are soap,  detergent, bleaches, dishwashing products, A household cleaning product. cleaning chemicals help to improve the cleaning efficiency that is making homes, offices, and environment safe and clean. These cleaning chemicals prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control allergies like nose burning, eye burning, itching, dust, and molds. Many cleansing solutions contain harmful chemicals that affect humans and the environment. These chemicals contaminate streams, rivers and water life.

Types of cleaning chemicals?

Cleaning products contain an antibacterial cleansing solution that not only removes the dust and dirt but also kills the germs and bacteria that may contaminate the environment and cause illness. The cleaning solvent is a common cleaning solution. There are many different components that are used in cleaning products. Such as solvents like ethanol, preservatives and chlorine bleaches. Any chemical can be harmful even water and oxygen if the body absorbs too much. Cleaning products are effective for health and the environment, but it should be handled with care.

Common Cleaning Chemicals:

1.    Water (Powerful polar solvent)

Water is a chemical compound that is in a liquid state. Water is found almost everywhere on earth. Water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It is the universal water solvent. Water is used in the production of different types of cleaning chemical and it is also used for diluting the liquid solution in the water. Water is the most essential thing used for producing the chemical.

2.    Soap or detergent (Sodium salt and potassium salt)

Soap and detergent are chemical substitutes that are used as a cleaning agent. Soap and detergent are sodium salt or potassium salt which contains many acids that have cleansing action which dissolves in water.

3.    Ammonia solution (Ammonia water)

Ammonia solution also is known as the Ammonia water solution. Ammonia is used as an ingredient in every cleaning product which is used every day in routine. this solution which is used in removing the stains. It is commonly used for cleaning glass.

4.    Calcium hypochlorite (liquid bleach)

Calcium hypochlorite is an inorganic substitute which appears in white particle with an odor of chlorine that irritates the skin. It is an active ingredient known as bleaching powder. It is used to purify the wastewater purification system and sanitation of swimming pools.

5.    Citric acid

Citric acid is an organic acid found in citrus fruits. Which is used in the food and soft drinks for the addition of taste? It kills germs and molds. It helps in removing the stains and rust. It is used as conservative in many cleaning solutions.

6.    Sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda)

Sodium carbonate is also called baking soda. It is a white solid crystal and also even appears in white powder. It is used for cleaning the floor, tiles, lubricated surfaces, etc. It is used as cleaning agents in many places.

7.    Acetic acid (Vinegar)

Acetic acid is also known as ethanoic acid. It’s fully white vinegar. It’s a colorless liquid. It is also called glacial acetic acid. It helps in removing the water stains and rust stains. It kills fungus and molds. It is used as a cleaning agent.

8.    Borax.

Borax is also known as sodium borate. It’s a boron compound.it is a soft colorless crystal that dissolves in water. It’s a multipurpose cleaner. Which works as herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, etc. keep boron away from food and from children and pets.

9.    Acetone (Damages plastic)

Acetone is an organic substitute which a volatile and flammable liquid with odor. Which is mostly used in industries and laboratories. It is used for general cleaning and it also works as a degreaser.

10.Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide consists of two oxygen atom and one carbon atom. It is commonly known as dry ice. It also acts as a conservatory gas. It is mainly used in industries and technical areas which include aerospace, medical, manufacturing companies, electronics, etc.

Importance of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals

We need to Prioritize green cleaning chemicals that have a green policy that includes the safety of environment, economy, health. Eco-friendly chemicals are environment-friendly. These are the chemicals that are not hazardous. This helps in conserving nature by reducing pollution.

Benefits of using Eco-friendly chemical product :

Healthy human being :

Cleaning chemicals affect the evilest on the health of humans. The eco-friendly product does not imitate toxic gases. Making use of these products will not have to suffer from the itchiness of skin, eyes, throat and constant coughing. These are non-allergenic products for humans.


These chemical products are riskier to handle. They can destroy the body, skin, eyes, etc. These products are harmful and cause severe health issues. In the case of green chemicals, they are purely safe for health and no need to handle with extra care.

Long term effects:

Eco-friendly chemicals are the cleansers that give us positive effects that stay for a long time as compare to other cleaning chemicals.

Pure environment

Cleaning chemicals are the most harmful for the environment as it releases harmful toxic gases that affect the environment and the chemical mixed water is added to sewage which affects the water bodies. Making use of green products is safe for the environment as it does not release toxic gases and these chemicals are not harmful.

Beneficial for the earth:

Making use of Eco-friendly products reduces the negative effect on the earth which includes water pollution, air pollution, affects the ozonosphere, climate change. The eco-friendly chemical product promotes the reduction of toxic products that are safe for our earth. Overall, it is recommended to use products that are made of eco-friendly chemicals which will maintain the safety of the environment by eliminating the property and will keep you away from the harmful side effects of chemicals that can worsen the health of human, water life and animals on the planet. It is our responsibility to save our mother earth. Let’s start using green chemicals and save our environment.

By – Shubhangi Chikane