May 14, 2019

Green Kleen Eraser (Paan, Gutka Stain and Ink Stain Remover)

Green Kleen eraser- Eco-friendly Paan/gutka/Ink Stain remover

Green Kleen Eraser For Paan, Gutka Stain & Ink Stain Remover

Green Kleen Highly used to removes stains of Paan and Gutka. Best for Public Areas, Toilets, Etc. Direct use of this liquid is Harmful, Wear the rubber hand gloves & spray eraser of cash on the stain & wait for 5 to 10.min and clean it with water. Green Kleen Eraser is also used for cleaning Ink stains & Paint stains. Ideally used for all Common Areas. Recommended for all Segments Facilities for stain remover

Dilution Ratio – Ready To Use