Cleaning Calls For Eco-Green Shine (Toilet Cleaner)

Toilets and Ceramic surfaces are the toughest to upkeep as these areas are considered most unhygienic. Our Ecochem scientists have prepared natural, green herbal and organic chemicals for cleaning to provide best toilet cleaners. The formulation of Eco-Green Shine (toilet cleaner) is prep with an ideal viscosity to fight against tough stains leaving no residue behind. With our mission to offer harmless cleaning chemicals, we ensure that our products are efficient enough to cleanse the surface, leaving it 99.99% microbes free.

100% Eco-friendly

Safe for the environment.

Safe to use

Perfectly simple and easy



Dilution Ratio

10 ML in 1 Litre Water

We, as manufacturers of Eco-Chemical products for the cleaning, our research team has designed the product to make the area odour free, leaving a mild fragrance to the toilets and other applied surfaces.

Ecochem stands strong to fulfil the commitments that are important for atmosphere and the users at the same. Cleaning toilets can be the most challenging, our quality green chemicals ensure to offer germ protection as the ideal viscosity offers optimum cleansing on vertical and sloped surfaces. We recommend Green-shine to corporates, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, educational institutes, hotels, public, and domestic toilets.


Why Choose

Eco-Green Shine For Toilet Cleaning

Eco-Green shine is a nontoxic bio-based cleaning product that releases no toxic fumes and leaves the area odour free. Hard water staining, lime deposits, and bacterial infections can easily be removed, and one can quickly notice the results only with the first usage. The prepared solution does not irritate the eyes and skin of the applicator, making it safe for the user and the atmosphere.

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1. Can eco-friendly toilet cleaners be used in septic systems?
Yes, many eco-friendly toilet cleaners are safe for use in septic systems and will not harm the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria.
2. Can I use eco-friendly toilet cleaners with bleach or other disinfectants?
It's generally not recommended to mix different cleaning products, even if they are both eco-friendly. Read the label of your cleaner to see if it's safe to use with other cleaning products.
3. How do I properly use an eco-friendly toilet cleaner?
: Follow the instructions on the label of your cleaner. Most eco-friendly toilet cleaners are applied to the inside of the bowl and left for a certain amount of time before being scrubbed and flushed.
4. Will an eco-friendly toilet cleaner leave a residue or film on the surface of the toilet bowl?
No, most eco-friendly toilet cleaners are formulated to leave no residue or film behind, but it's always best to check the label of your specific cleaner.
5. Are eco-friendly toilet cleaners safe for septic tanks?
Yes, eco-friendly toilet cleaners are generally safe for septic tanks and will not harm the beneficial bacteria that help break down waste.

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