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Sanitize your hand with Grenitizer!


EcoChem understands the urban lifestyle and the need to have a quick-sanitizer always by the side. A healthy and disease-free lifestyle needs a disinfectant right at the availability to kill germs and make hands germ-free. Grenitizer is one of the premium products specially formulated for pharmaceuticals, processed industries, corporates etcetera.

Bacteria-free hands can protect a lot of viral infections that may gradually affect the health of the workers. We take care of all our workers and their working conditions, and with our harmless cleaning chemicals, we maintain their wellbeing. Combating germs with gentle care and leaving a mesmerizing fragrance on hands as it is a water-based composition.

Grenitizer is a range of biodegradable chemicals for cleaning that helps to kill hand germs by 99.99% with a mild fragrance. The ingredients involved are natural anti-bacterial plants, herbs and flowers for fragrance. Our hand sanitizer is gentle on hands and also moisturizes the hand kin without making it dry. For day-to-day needs, Grenitizer protects from the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and mould.


• 100% organic
• Gentle on hands
• Moisturizes
• Pocket-friendly
• Kills 99.99% germs
•No residue formula.

Dilution Ratio – Ready to use.

As manufacturers of green chemical products in Mumbai, we strongly suggest Grenitizer sanitize the hands of the workforce. A healthy and infection-free place is the first necessity of any workplace. The product can be advantageous to corporates, industries, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutes, pharmacy stores, shopping complexes etcetera.