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why Eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning?
Sep 19
Why Eco-Friendly Chemical For Cleaning?
  • September 21, 2019
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What “Eco-Friendly” Mean?

Eco-friendly means being friendly to nature or a product which is not unfavourable to the environment. Products which helps to preserve natural resources like water, energy, trees etc. If you’re on the railing about health or environmental issues, saving money is another lovely captivating reason to presume homemade cleaning chemicals. The secrets of green cleaning standards are to keep your facility clean, green & safe.

It is easy to protect the Human Health and Environment. It’s high time to rethink your current existing cleaning practices and move ahead with the latest technology, which reduces your cost and saves huge future maintenance cost for your Corporate/ Offices/ factories/ Institutes and many other facilities.

In Today’s scenario, it’s sporadic to avoid contact with dangerous Chemicals. They are everywhere in our meal, our Surrounding even in our cleaning agents. We clean our home by using harsh chemicals like we spray room freshener in the air to feel fresh, which can cause heart problems. It’s not unrevealed that cleaning chemicals are dangerous, which causes cancer, asthma, Allergy etc. Most of the cleaning products are harmful to the environment and its residents in a very high Degree, including humans.

The best solution is to change our cleaning products to eco-friendly cleaning products. Industries, Companies, factories devour maximum amount of unrefined oil for the manufacture of food, cosmetics, drugs, chemicals. These manufacturing processes eat lots of power and produce drain.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are friendly to the earth in terms of use and impact have on the environment and daily life. Eco-friendly products are green, safe, natural, biodegradable. Generally, they have characteristics that stimulate eco-friendly habits like using a small number of resources, supportable ingredients.

What to consider while choosing eco-friendly products:

1.  Don’t Buy cleaners which contains ammonia or chlorine bleach because they are highly toxic.

2.  Always Go for cleaners which are made with water.

3.  Cleaners With lemon, baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide are quite natural.

4.   It’s Important to know that it does not cause any damage to the applied part.

5.  It’s safe for the environment or not.

6.  Durable or not.

Benefits of using Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals:

Healthful to home and family: Eco-friendly chemicals are non-toxic Chemicals which Saves the user from skin irritation, allergy, burning eyes, running nose, coughing or other harmful allergies from non-toxic chemicals.

Cost-Effective: Eco-friendly Cleaners are cost-effective because they are made with water, fruits, natural fragrances.

Safe: Eco-friendly cleaners are safe to use. It doesn’t need cautious handling. Harmless to the environment: Eco-friendly cleaners are reliable to the environment; it does not pollute the air, water and life of humans & animals.

Easy to handle: Eco-friendly Chemicals are easy to handle to carry around you everywhere.

Importance of use of Eco-friendly Chemicals:

1.  They are non-toxic and do not spread any pollutants when used

2.  To Save the environment and increase the life of our planet.

3.  To Decrease the use of harmful & toxic chemicals.

4.  To Continue better air Quality.

5.  To Decreases submission of allergic substances

6.  To minimise exposure of Pollutants, which causes cancer, heart problems, asthma, neurological disorders etc.

Where Eco-friendly cleaners can be used:

1.  In-Home: kitchen, floor, tiles, toilet, bathroom, tables, window glass, shining glasses.

2.  In Factories: Floors, machinery, glasses, housekeeping.

3.   In local places like malls, gardens, halls, schools, offices, hospitals.

How Eco-friendly Cleaners works:

Eco-Friendly Cleaners can be used with water and Cloths, it removes the toughest stain and greases stuck on the floor, tiles, floor, glass etc. and spreads natural fragrance in the air with no skin damage.

Eco-friendly Cleaners are becoming more and more well-liked as customers becoming more aware of the potential health risks associated with traditional cleaners and methods. Eco-friendly cleaning services are essential for families who want to create the safest in-house environment possible for themselves, their pets, their kids and their guests.

Chemical ingredients in everyday household products can contain toxins that make us ill.  Illnesses Developing from these toxins can be as light as a headache, allergy, skin infection, heart problems or as severe as cancer. But Eco-friendly cleaning services can prohibit or eliminate these health risks.

There are various eco-friendly cleaners in the market with high demand like toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner etc. When you use  Eco-friendly cleaning products, you are taking a step to protect the  environment. Most ideal  Eco-friendly cleaning products  are made using Provable manufacturing practices and natural, safe, non-toxic, Green, and biodegradable ingredients that don’t affect the environment negatively.

Tips to keep your area Eco-Friendly :

Recycling – is one of those words that regularly comes up when we’re talking about being Eco-friendly. But that’s because it’s one of the simplest ways to be kind to the planet. Technology makes more and more things recyclable, so before you throw anything in the Waste, see if you can recycle it!

Greening your Cleaning Agent – Whether you choose to  make your cleaning products  at home, or you opt to buy them at the store, there are many advantages of selecting eco-friendly cleaning Agents. Toxic Chemicals can cause an abundance of health and safety issues in the house, so avoiding them can reduce those risks.

Genuine Supplier – Choosing biochemicals and eco-friendly cleaning machines from a reliable supplier is essential. Buying Green chemicals from Renowned sellers is safe than buying from unknown sellers.

By – Sancheeta Bhase