Ecochem provides professional eco-friendly cleansing chemicals which are handy for Corporate Office and Commercial use. Our office cleaning chemicals include Floor Cleaners, Washroom Cleaners, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Multipurpose Cleaner, Dish wash Cleaner, Disinfectant Cleaner, Sanitizers and other specialized solution that kills 99.999% of microorganisms, perfect for everyday cleaning of your Office!

Ecochem’s eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are safer than your cleaners as the merchandise is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-allergic to human beings using it and harmless to the application used and the environment.

Ecochem is designed to be greater sustainable than trendy chemical-laden business cleaners.

By switching to one of our office cleaning supplies, you no longer want to purchase 80% or different chemical cleaners, which are regularly provided in single-use plastic bottles. Here are some of the best cleaning chemicals of Ecochem which can be used for Office Cleaning.

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Eco-Green Flo For Floor Cleaning

Eco-Green Flo is a cleansing chemical made with extrinsic lookup from researchers at Ecochem. With our inclination closer to bio-based cleaning products, this herbal solution has sturdy competencies to sanitize any flooring gently and provide extra shine to the surfaces. With single usage, chemical cleaning cleanses all ground tiles, lacquered surfaces, marble floors, marble surfaces, and ceramic partitions in minutes.

With a heady scent added, our bio-based cleaning chemicals for cleaning are a unique combination of herbal germ-killing dealers and green cleaning chemicals. All our shareholders and companions enjoy doing their bit for the surroundings by using eco-friendly cleaning chemicals at reasonably-priced prices. We withstand the use of chemical compositions that diffuse dangerous gases in the ecosystem and irritate the eyes and nostrils of the user.

Ecochem presents bio-based cleaning chemicals for cleaning, but Eco-Green Flo is tough on water and rust stains, leaving the Corporate, Office, Pharma, Institutes, School, Hospital and Hotel ground smooth and 99.99% germs-free. The protection data and product utilization are stated on the product’s packaging.

Why Choose Eco-Green Flo?

• Eco-friendly chemical product
• Leaves no traces
• Adds incredible shine to the floor
• Low foaming
• Fresh fragrance
• Efficient cleaning of touchy surfaces

Eco-Glitter for Dishwashing

Cleaning dirty and oily utensils are yet another challenge post fulfilling food lovers. Ecochem has made the work easy with organic chemicals for cleaning named Eco-Glitter(Dishwasher Gel). Our bio-based cleaning products efficiently fight tough stains and oil from metal surfaces adding shine to the dishware. The natural fragrance of lemon gives the characters a freshness and also helps easy wash oily food stains from the utensils.

Ecochem believes in Natural, Green, Herbal and Organic Chemicals for cleaning, and safety is one of the brand’s concerns. Our researchers have kept the pH neutral so that it does not harm the user’s skin. Eco-Glitter is gentle on the skin, and even one spoon of Eco-Glitter is sufficient to clean a sink full of spoiled utensils. A definite must for the industries related to food and restaurants.

Why Choose Eco-Glitter for Dishwashing?

• 100% organic
• No residue formula
• Eliminates odour
• Safe on hands
• Adds shine to utensils

Eco-Greener for Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Ecochem is developing as an enterprise by supplying secure cleaning chemical compounds at sensible prices. Our Economical green cleaning chemical consists of Eco-Greener – a multipurpose cleaner. The hassle-free green cleaning chemical preserves the security of customers and cleansing staff. Eco-Greener composition affords hygienic and acid-free green multipurpose cleansing for exclusive areas and spaces.

Eco-Greener is a Multipurpose water-based cleansing agent and is gaining status as India and Mumbai’s best eco-friendly chemical product. Our companions take delight in the usage of cleansers that are protected from the environment and user. We at Ecochem believe in presenting our associations with acid-free green cleaning chemicals that add a more excellent clear finish. Our straightforward cleaning chemicals appeal to grease and amassed dirt, leaving the floor manageable and shiny.

Why Choose Eco-Greener?

• 100% Natural
• No residue formula
• Hygienic formula
• Adds shine to the surfaces
Multipurpose cleansing
• User-friendly chemical compounds

Eco-Green Shine for Toilet Bowl Cleaning

Toilets and Ceramic surfaces are the toughest to upkeep as these areas are considered the most unclean. Our Ecochem scientists have prepared natural, green herbal, and organic chemicals for cleaning to provide the best toilet bowl cleaners. The formulation of Eco-Green Shine (toilet cleaner) is ready with an ideal viscosity to fight against tough stains leaving no residue behind. With our mission to offer harmless cleaning chemicals, we ensure that our products are efficient enough to cleanse the surface, leaving it 99.99% microbes-free.

Eco-Green shine is a non-toxic bio-based cleaning chemical that releases non-toxic fumes and leaves the area odour free. Hard water stains, lime juice deposits, and bacterial infections cannot be easily removed, and one can quickly notice the results only with the first usage. The prepared solution does not irritate the eyes and skin of the applicator, making it safe for the user and the atmosphere.

As manufacturers of Eco-Chemical products for cleaning, our research team has designed the cleaning chemicals to make the area’s odour accessible, leaving a mild fragrance on the toilets and other applied surfaces.

Why Choose Eco-Green Shine?

• Safe to use
• Tough on stains
• 100% organic
• Ready to use
• Odour-free
• Removes 99.99% of Bacteria
It keeps the shine intact.

Eco-Green Air (Air Fresheners)

Making odours is not a solution when it comes to Air Fresheners. EcoChem has a thought to unmask the foul smells with Eco-Green Air which is one of the best bio-based products for multipurpose air fresheners. The chemical-based air fresheners available in the market create a coating on the nasal membrane and insist the brain think that the foul smell is gone.

Chemical-based air fresheners claim to kill bacteria in the air; on the other hand, it kills good bacteria leaving strains of drug-resistant harmful bacteria behind. As a manufacturer of eco-friendly chemical products in Mumbai, EcoChem’s Eco-Green Air is a water-based green chemical with ingredients like lemon flowers, herbs, and plant extracts.

Why Eco-Green Air (Air Fresheners)?

•100% Natural
•No side effects
•Safe to use
•Kills bacteria
•Water-based formula
•Mild fragrance

Eco-Green All-For-Glass Cleaning

Glasses are meant to shine and gloss; researchers at Ecochem offer all types of glass cleaning and care solutions with a handy Green-All Glass Cleanser. It leaves surfaces shiny and acts softly on scratches leaving the glass and stainless steel polished and stain-free as it is formulated using water-based techniques. Our biodegradable chemicals for cleaning provide the best solutions to the surface by disinfecting them of microbes and bacteria.

Eco-Green All glass cleaner is prepared with Environment Green Cleaning Chemicals that are not harmful to the ecosphere and not to the user on the other hand. Multiple cleaning agents on the market emit toxic gases into the air, making it unbearable for the user’s eyes and skin. Pondering over this, our researchers developed water-based Green Cleaning Chemicals for Housekeeping and Facility Management services.

With the idea of providing harmless chemicals, our team ensures that we do not compromise the cleaning actions of the substances. We take on the privilege as we move toward making the atmosphere a safer and cleaner place to reside.

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Why Eco-Green All Glass Cleanser?

• 100% Natural
• Adds sparkling shine to glasses
• Soft on hands
• Disinfects the surfaces and keeps dustfree
• Removes stains and dirt
• Prevents scratches
• No-residue formula


Eco-friendly green cleaning chemicals are more effective and non-toxic to the user and our surroundings. We at Ecochem designed every cleaning chemical to rejuvenate the shine of office surfaces again, does not irritate users using these cleaning chemicals, and maintains the office Environment and the safety of the employees.

Written By: Anamika singh