Keeping your hotel or hospitality is a necessary section of following regulations. Maintain cleanliness whilst promoting environmental stewardship with the Ecochem products in hotel management. Our green cleaning chemicals can be used to disinfect bathrooms, frequent areas, rooms, and more, maintaining fitness while additionally upholding our dedication to the environment. These green cleaning chemicals help us in our mission of decreasing our carbon footprint and the quantity of dangerous chemical substances that enter the surroundings from traditional cleaning chemicals while slowing the cycle of plastic waste. Here are some of the green cleaning chemicals of Ecochem, which will be beneficial for your hotel’s cleanliness and upkeep-

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Eco-Green Flo for Floor Cleaning

Eco-Green Flo is a cleaning chemical composed with the extrinsic lookup from researchers at Ecochem. With our inclination toward bio-based cleaning products, this herbal cleaning chemical has robust skills to gently sanitize any flooring and provides a shine to the surfaces. With single usage, this cleaning chemical cleanses ceramic walls, ground tiles, lacquered surfaces and ceramic partitions in minutes.

With a scent added, our bio-based cleaning chemicals for cleansing are a unique combination of herbal germ-killing dealers and green cleaning chemicals. All our shareholders and companions delight in doing our bit for the surroundings using eco-friendly chemical cleaning at the most economical prices. We oppose the use of chemical compositions that diffuse damaging gases in the environment and irritate the eyes and nostrils of the user.

Eco-Greener for Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Ecochem is developing as an enterprise by presenting secure cleaning chemical compounds at real-looking prices. Our Economical green cleaning chemicals encompass Eco-Greener – a multi-purpose cleaner. The formula of hassle-free green cleaning chemicals retains the protection of customers and cleansing staff. Eco-Greener composition provides hygienic and acid-free green multi-purpose cleaning for one-of-a-kind areas and spaces.

Our researchers at Ecochem have examined the solution over oily cooktops, Dusty Chimneys, greasy kitchen windows, and nearly all the corners. Eco-Greener is a Multi-purpose water-based cleaning chemical and is gaining status as an excellent eco-friendly chemical product in Mumbai. Our companions take satisfaction in using cleansers that protect the environment and the user.

We at Ecochem believes in presenting our associations with acid-free green cleaning chemical that add a more excellent clear finish. Our effortless cleaning chemicals appeal to grease and collected dirt, leaving the floor smooth and shiny.

Eco-Glitter for Dishwashing

Cleaning dirty and oily utensils are another problem in satisfying the need of meal lovers. Ecochem has made the work effortless with natural chemical compounds for cleaning named Eco-Glitter(Dishwasher Gel). Our bio-based cleaning chemical efficaciously fights challenging stains and oil from the steel surfaces, including shine to the dishware. The heady herbal scent of lemon offers the surfaces a freshness and assists in an effortless wash of oily stains.

Ecochem believes in Natural, Green, and Organic Chemicals for cleaning, and security is one of the brand’s concerns. Our researchers have saved the pH neutral so that it does not have any hazardous impact on the sin of the user. Eco-Glitter is soft on the skin, and even one spoon of Eco-Glitter is ample to ease a sink full of spoiled utensils. A specific need for the hotels and restaurants.

Our Eco-Glitter is lemon-flavoured bio-based merchandise for cleaning or housekeeping that affords a tint of heady lemon scent that fades away foul odour from dirty utensils. Food, as well as oily stains, are no more incredible mess with Eco-Glitter!

Eco-Green Fresh gel For Hand Wash

Eco-Green Fresh is the perfect green hand wash made out of specialized herbs and herbal cleansers to care for the arms and skin. With whole precision and dedication, Ecochem researchers have eventually formulated a solution for fingers that are usually in working mode. The unique formulation of green cleaning chemicals for hand washing comes in the most secure way that drives long-lasting multi-purpose perfumed cleaners for hands.

Ecochem relies on nurturing every bit of the customers regarding facility management and, in particular, cleaning. Hands-on work wishes mild care and moisturizing and maintaining germs at bay. Eco-Green Fresh is a herbal green cleaning hand wash gel manufactured in Mumbai that is gentle on arms and kills up to 99.99% of micro-organisms.

The green components make it greater acceptable by using our purchasers and companions as our non-harsh chemical compounds mission offers our merchandise a differentiation. Being water-based, this formulation is mild on the pores and skin and difficult on germs and saves the surroundings from any damage.

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Eco-Green Shine for Toilet Cleaning

Toilets and ceramic surfaces are hard to maintain as these areas are most unhygienic. Our Ecochem scientists have organized natural, green, herbal chemical compounds for cleaning to supply high-quality restroom cleaners. Eco-Green Shine (toilet cleaner) is prepared with the best viscosity to battle hard stains that leave no residue behind. With our mission to provide non-hazardous cleaning chemicals, we make sure that our green cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly and adequate to cleanse the surface, leaving it 99.99% microbes-free.

Eco-Green shine is an unhazardous bio-based cleaning chemical that releases non-poisonous fumes and leaves the area odour free. Hard water staining and bacterial infections can be easily removed without difficulty, and one can rapidly note the consequences solely with the first usage. The organized solution does not irritate the eyes and pores, and skin of the applicator, making it protected for the person and the atmosphere.

As producers of Eco-Chemical products for the cleaning, our lookup crew has designed the product to make the place’s odour accessible, leaving a slight heady fragrance to the local areas and different utilized surfaces.


Ecochem green cleaning chemicals are non-toxic, reliable, and eco-friendly cleaning chemical compounds for hotels, hospitals, offices, corporate companies, industries, etc. They are trustworthy for your enterprise as we have been producing green cleaning chemicals for since last 4 years.

Written By: Anamika singh