EcoChem is one of the leading “Green Cleaning Chemical Company” which is based in Mumbai,
Maharashtra, India and we grant the most powerful and environmentally NON-TOXIC Industrial cleaners, which you’ll locate anywhere. All our merchandise is primarily based on our proprietary formulations
and supplies unmatched cleaning chemicals barring the usage of harsh and poisonous industrial cleaning
chemicals. Our industrial cleaning chemical substances are engineered for various standard and
specialized cleaning applications. From degreasers and in-process cleaners to metal cleaner chemicals
and more, Ecochem has the extensive quality, excessive overall performance cleaning marketers you
need. Here are some of the green cleaning chemicals of Ecochem, which are specifically made for
industrial cleaning purposes-

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Eco-Green Kleen for Industrial Degreaser

The Toughest Industrial degreaser is the want of cleaning cussed greases out of the surfaces. Ecochem
has Eco-Green Kleen, which is an eco-friendly cleaning chemical in Mumbai and affords degreasing in
just a few minutes. Most of the accessible harmful cleaners include harsh chemical substances
that cause ample air pollution in the environment and may additionally lead to a detrimental impact on
the customers with its unique characteristic of being a water-based formulation.

Harsh chemical substances in the acid cleansers emit toxic gases that make human throats sore and eyes
teary. Our understanding lies in supplying our purchasers with suitable cleaning chemicals, and here
comes Eco-Green Kleen for all the industrial staining pains.

Eco-Green Kleen properly works on oil, grease, paint, and every other chemical staining that is regularly
seen in any Industry dealing with heavy machinery. Our one hundred per cent non-toxic green cleaning
chemical is environmentally friendly, which leads to secure and excellent outcomes with the best

Eco-All In-One For Multipurpose Industrial Remover

Rust is the product of the response of iron to oxygen. So, chemically, rust is simply iron oxide. However, if
even if a trace of it is determined on your metal tools, it would be ample to make your coronary heart sink. Ecochem’s All-In-One presents excellent degreasing, rust elimination, and rust safety to the surface. This particular green cleaning chemical gives excellent degreasing and rust lifting capacity, and the uniform phosphate layer gives rust defending layer to the surface. Eco-All in one occupies the non-toxic and biodegradable rust-removal system, which is superb on small or giant surfaces. It is a high-quality cleaning chemical for disposing of rust from tools, metal, solid iron, chrome parts, and extra besides harming the surface.

Eco-Green USC HDD (Metal Cleaner)

Eco-Green USC HDD is a sturdy alkaline ultrasonic metallic cleaner used for various treasured metals and
metal surfaces. Hence, our eco-friendly Eco-Green USC HDD is favored to clean metallic and metal
surfaces. This eco-friendly steel cleaner does not affect the shine of the metal; instead, it cleans the
surface of the metal precisely and makes it seem brighter and shiner. Pieces of metal with very subtle
elements want to be cleaned and treated carefully. At EcoChem, we pledge that our cleaners are equipped with natural compounds to ensure the users’ protection. Before launching any new variety of cleaning chemicals to the market, Ecochem looks at the product virtually at our labs. All the merchandise is the first trial, examined using the group contributors, and then made handy for consumer use. The most favoured dilution ratio is 20-50 ml in 1ltr. The dilution ratio is stated so that there are no side effects to the pinnacle layers of the metal. Using the product inside the dilution ratio is endorsed to avoid harm to the surface layers. We trust in presenting our associations with real know-how of the chemical compounds and products.

Eco-Green USC A101

At Ecochem, we have an acid-free green cleaning metallic stain remover named Eco-Green USC A101,
designed to meet lubricants’ cleaning necessities and the environment’s safety. This steel stain remover
is environmentally friendly in removing the stains of oil, grease, rust, and even welding marks. It helps
dispose of the most challenging spots and stains from metallic surfaces. It is a mild ultrasonic acidic
cleaner that encourages industries to clean metallic elements, steel sheets, and vehicle parts. This
moderate acid cleaning chemical is operative for various steel surfaces and equipment.

The vehicle industries can benefit from this eco-friendly grease cleansing solution as they are subjected
to difficult stains and marks. The factors of our merchandise are curated by our experts, especially with
the mission to lay out eco-friendly chemicals. Eco-Green USC A101 (Metal Stain Remover) is a technically
superior industrial cleaning chemical with a detergent action, penetrating the floor and routinely lifting
oils and grease.

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Eco-Green PSS (Paint Stripper)

Eco-Green PSS is a superior paint stripper formula that removes paint stains from metal surfaces and
other surfaces. Its unique recipe makes it relevant for casting off hard paint stains besides harming the
body. Ecochem produces green, eco-friendly, and organic cleaning chemicals to meet the protection
standards of the audience. Paint and primer stains can be adamant, and getting rid of them isn’t
convenient. Removing the most challenging stains can be tedious and require a lot of workforce, and
beneficial chemicals are used. To keep away from the use of harsh chemicals, Ecochem’s Eco-Green PSS
not solely removes stains with care but also helps to preserve the quality of the steel surface.

Ecochem has gradually grown due to its only mantra of turning in quality green cleaning chemicals
across the globe. The green formulae of this paint cleaner hold a critical role in the enterprise as these
agents are one hundred per cent herbal and natural. Like all companies and brands, we welcome all types
of feedback, positive or negative. Positive comments encourage you to work more, and negative
comments help you improve. We have extended and matched the industry standards by working on this


If you are running any industry or planning to run a drive, you must have these cleaning chemicals
on your bucket list as, more and less, someday, you will need these cleaning chemicals. The cleaning
chemicals at Ecochem are 100 per cent reliable to use.

Written By: Anamika singh