Cleaning Calls For Eco-Green PSS (Paint Stripper)

Eco-Green PSS is an advanced paint stripper formula that removes paint stains from not only metal surfaces but also other surfaces as well. It’s a unique formulation that makes it relevant for removing hard paint stains without harming the body. Ecochem produces green, eco-friendly, and organic cleaning agents to meet the safety standards of the audience. Paint and primer stains can be adamant, and it isn’t easy to get rid of them so quickly. Removing the toughest stains can be tedious and require a lot of workforces, and useful chemicals are put in use. To avoid the use of harsh chemicals, Ecochem’s Eco-Green PSS not only removes stains with care but also helps to maintain the quality of the metal surface.

100% Eco-friendly

Safe for the environment.

Safe to use

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Dilution Ratio

10 ML in 1 Litre Water

Ecochem has gradually acquired growth because of its only mantra of delivering quality green cleaning solutions across the globe. The green formulae of this paint cleaner hold a vital role in the industry as these agents are 100% herbal and natural. Like all other companies and brands, we welcome all kinds of feedback, positive or negative. It is said positive feedback encourages you to work more, and negative feedback will help you improve. By working on this feedback, we have improved and matched the industry standards.

As manufacturers of green chemical products in Mumbai, we strongly suggest Eco-Green PSS for removing paint stain and primer stain. It is highly recommended for factories, pharmaceuticals, food factories, industrial areas, etc.

Why Choose

Eco-Green PSS (Paint Stripper)

The application of Eco-Green PSS is effortless and does not require any specialized equipment. Though this is an eco-friendly product, still there is a referred dilution ratio of about 20-30ml in 1ltr. This non-residual formula removes paint stains from all kind of surfaces, work on the workable dilution ratio, and with a single application, it will erase stains.

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1. What types of paint can Eco-Green PSS remove?
Eco-Green PSS can effectively remove many paints, including latex, enamel, varnish, lacquer, and other coatings.
2. Is Eco-Green PSS safe for use on all surfaces?
Eco-Green PSS is a powerful paint stripper and should not be used on delicate surfaces such as plastic or fibreglass. Testing the product on a small, inconspicuous area before using it on a larger surface is recommended.
3. How long should I let Eco-Green PSS sit on the surface?
The length of time that Eco-Green PSS should be left on the surface will depend on the type and thickness of the paint. In most cases, it is recommended to let the product sit for 15-30 minutes before scraping away the paint.
4. Is Eco-Green PSS safe for the environment?
Eco-Green PSS is biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for the environment and human health.
5. Does Eco-Green PSS produce any hazardous fumes?
Eco-Green PSS is formulated to produce minimal fumes, but it is still essential to use the product in a well-ventilated area and wear protective gear such as gloves and a respirator.

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