Cleaning Calls For Eco-Green USC HDD (Metal Cleaner)

Eco-Green USC HDD is a strong alkaline ultrasonic metal cleaner that is used for a wide range of precious metals and steel surfaces. Hence, our eco-friendly Eco-Green USC HDD is preferred to clean the metal and steel surfaces and jewellery. This eco-friendly metal cleaner does not affect the shine of the jewellery; rather, it cleans the surface precisely and makes it look brighter and shiner. Pieces of jewellery’ being very delicate ornaments need to be cleaned and handled carefully. At EcoChem, we pledge that our cleansers have been formed with organic compounds to ensure the safety of the users.

100% Eco-friendly

Safe for the environment.

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Dilution Ratio

10 ML in 1 Litre Water

Before launching any new range of products to the market, Ecochem makes sure to test the product practically at our labs itself. All the products are the first trial and tested by the team members and then made available for customer use. The most preferred dilution ratio is 20-30 ml in 1ltr. The dilution ratio is mentioned so that there are no side-effects to the top layers of the jewellery and precious stones. It is recommended to use the product within the dilution ratio to avoid any damage to the surface layers. We believe in providing our associations with complete knowledge of the chemicals and products.

It is highly recommended for factories, pharmaceuticals, food factories, industrial areas, etc.


Why Choose

Eco-Green USC HDD (Metal Cleaner)

We pay our gratitude to our network who encourage us to work more efficiently and to our workers without whom nothing could have been possible. Hence, cleaning these surfaces is one of the most crucial processes while taking care of precious and semi-precious metals. Our environment-friendly this metal cleaner do not harm the outsides or top shields of the metals but only remove stains and dirt with gentle and utmost care

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1. Is Eco-Green USC HDD safe for use on all types of metal surfaces?
Yes, Eco-Green USC HDD is safe for use on all types of metal surfaces, including aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, and more.
2. How does Eco-Green USC HDD remove grease and grime from metal surfaces?
Eco-Green USC HDD uses a blend of surfactants and solvents to penetrate and break down grease and grime on metal surfaces, making it easy to wipe away.
3. Can Eco-Green USC HDD be used to clean machinery and equipment?
Yes, Eco-Green USC HDD is safe for use on machinery and equipment in industrial settings and can effectively remove dirt, oil, and other contaminants.
4. Is Eco-Green USC HDD biodegradable and environmentally friendly?
Yes, Eco-Green USC HDD is biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals such as phosphates, VOCs, and carcinogens, making it safe for both the environment and human health.
5. How should I apply Eco-Green USC HDD to metal surfaces?
Simply dilute Eco-Green USC HDD with water according to the recommended ratio, apply the solution to the metal surface using a cloth or spray bottle, and then wipe away with a clean cloth or rinse with water. For heavy grease and grime, repeat the process or allow the product to sit longer before wiping it away.

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