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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Chemicals for disinfecting and sanitizing
  • June 23, 2020
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We all are aware of the pandemic coronavirus or COVID-19. It is surrounded all over the world, and we all are fighting against it. Covid-19 was firstly found in china and then outspread all over the globe. It is turning our world upside down still there many COVID warriors i.e., doctors, nurses, polices, cleaners, and caretakers who are fighting for us out there. It is crucial to maintain cleanliness around us.


Where there is cleanliness, there is safety. It is essential to sanitize the nearby places. Keep sanitizing the hands by using the hand washes or alcoholic hand sanitizer. Cleanliness is essential because whenever any infected person comes in contact, there are chances to get infected. The germs or viruses settle on the surfaces, which has been touched by an infected person. It is vital to disinfect high touch areas.


Cleaning agents for disinfection:


Eco-friendly chemicals are much better than any other ordinary cleaning chemicals or cleaning agents. This cleaning chemical helps in the cleaning process, but the content in common cleaning chemicals contains toxic and acidic molecules that harm the human body adversely. It is used in various places like the workplace, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. These chemicals are flammable and corrosive. The molecule of cleaning agents irritates eyes, throat and can cause the respiratory problem, irritating eyes, and headaches. The gas emitted from the bleaches and chlorine causes chronic breathing problems. These chemicals are harmful to the environment as it pollutes the air, water, and ozone layer of the Earth. It destroys aquatic lives and plants.

Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals:


Eco-friendly chemicals are biodegradable chemicals that do not affect the environment and the health of the human being. Looking at the present situation, many of us are rushing to buy the cleaning agents or disinfectants for sanitization. Using environment-friendly chemicals that are the most effective cleaners.

Beneficial reasons for using Eco-friendly chemicals:


·       Safer surrounding: The ordinary cleaning agents only have the labels of Warning! Toxic! Burnable! Which are not safer for our surroundings. These chemicals are too dangerous when they get mixed with other chemicals. Stop using these cleaning agents and minimize the risk by using the Eco-friendly green cleaning agents. Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are made of biodegradable and herbal products that are safe, non-toxic, and natural.


·       Pocket friendly: In the current situation, we need to save money. As this arrival of Covid-19 had resulted in a financial crisis. We should buy green or environment-friendly cleaning products which are pocket friendly. These chemicals are pocket friendly because they are made of natural and herbals products.


·       Works more efficiently: Eco-friendly cleaning agents work more efficiently as compared to the common cleaning chemicals. Eco-friendly cleaning agents are used for floor cleaning, glass cleaning, most robust and stubborn stain cleaner, marble cleaner, degreaser, hand cleanser, rust, cleaner, etc.


·       Environment helper: Eco-friendly cleaning agent is the friend of the environment that doesn’t harm nature. These products are derived from nature, which is safe, non-toxic, herbal. Eco-friendly Cleaning agents continue the supply of better air quality and do not harms aquatic life and aquatic plants. Many chemical cleaning agents pollute the water, air, ozone, nature, etc. Let’s start using green chemicals for cleaning.


·       Easy to handle: we do not need to control the green chemicals with care. As it does not emits toxic fumes, which can cause chronic severe respiratory issues, irritating eyes, throat problems, etc.


Eco-friendly chemicals in this present situation of COVID-19

Coronavirus is spreading quickly from person to person through touches in a wide range. Crores of people have lost their lives, and many of them are still suffering. It is imperative to take precautions and fight against this virus, which is found in China. Eco-friendly products can work more actively on this virus. Eco-friendly chemicals can be used in many other areas such as floors (all types of surfaces), tiles, bathrooms, toilets, tables, windows, glasses, machinery, taps, doors, handles, etc. It can be utilized in malls, hospitals, hotels, resorts, schools, offices, etc. All the germs and virus enters in our body through hands it is important to sanitize our hands from time-to-time to prevent us from getting ill. Nowadays, in the market, the demand for hand sanitizers and disinfectant demand is high. There are numerous sanitizers available in the market. Many of them are bogus sanitizers that can be allergic and hazardous to the skin. Comparing eco-friendly hand sanitizers are much better, which works effectively and is non-hazardous on the surface and leaves the natural fragrance behind. Washing hands is essential as it can fall us ill as this virus can enter in our body. Eco-friendly hand washes are the best as they clean our hands and kills 99.99 % of germs. This hand wash remains gentle and safest on the sides made up of natural herbs. Eco-friendly hand wash ignores the acids and chemicals to avoid harshness and adverse effects on the skin with anti-bacterial herbal properties. Eco-friendly floor cleaning solutions can be used to clean the floor by killing the virus, germs, and bacterias. This green chemical removes the toughest and stubborn stains, rust, grease, and oiliness without harming the health of humans and the environment.

Green Cleaning

Green chemicals maintain a high grade of hygiene, which contains natural ingredients that prohibit skin and health problems. It is essential to make sure before using toxic and hazardous chemicals that aren’t durable and long-lasting. Eco-friendly chemicals are cost-effective as compared to the cleaning chemicals.  Let’s start using Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and save our mother Earth. Ecochem is the eco-friendly chemical product manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in Mumbai that is committed to finding solutions for environmentally-safe cleaners for domestic and industrial use.

By- Shubhangi Chikane