All the products at Ecochem have been developed using working intently with customers worldwide. Global market research across the globe, each house and place of work exhibits the right product solution to the old age trouble to eliminate difficult stains regardless during everyday cleaning activity. This perception instigated the launch of stain removal cleaning chemicals after working carefully with buyers to recognize their actual needs. Their distinct system makes these cleaning chemicals excellent on hard and old dried stains.

There are many stain removers on the market. However, what makes Ecochem‘s stain remover special is that it works gently as correctly as on hard surfaces, gets rid of the stain so pleasantly, and does not irritate any surface areas where used, ensuring that no stain is left unseen.

Hard water stains-

Your water should be categorized as hard or soft depending on where your domestic or industry is located. Hard water doesn’t experience “hard,” and soft water doesn’t experience “soft,” so what’s the distinction, and how can you tell?

Water hardness or softness refers to minerals like lime, calcium, and magnesium discovered in your home or office faucet water. The water from your faucet travels a lengthy way to your domestic/office and selects up traces of underground minerals as it passes through rock layers. Due to these more significant mineral deposits, challenging water tends to adhere to glass, dishes, sinks, and bathtubs than soft water inflicting stains. It can even hurt plumbing, water heaters, porcelain, and glass.

That’s why if your domestic/office has hard water, it’s a suitable concept to research how to eliminate hard water stains in your toilet and kitchen. While hard water isn’t a fitness concern or protection difficulty for you and your family, it can be a nuisance if you don’t recognize how to remove water stains effortlessly. Eco-Shinner is one of the leading cleaning chemicals for water stain remover.

See how-


Eco-Shinner For Hard Water Stains

Ecochem manufactures all eco-friendly cleaning products at a very affordable cost compared to other market product brands. We guarantee all the green cleaning products developed at Ecochem are tested and certified in our lab, ensuring the cost of green cleaning chemicals that are secure to use and protect the ecosphere. Our variety of merchandise consists of gentle cleaning chemicals, and Eco-Shinner is one of our most highly recommended products for Hard water stains. Eco-Shinner is a cleaning solution formulated to remove hard water stains from glasses, Taps, Plumbing fittings and other surfaces. Lime stains are one of the hardest to get rid of and get off; however, with our water-based formulation, it is not at all problematic.

Eco-Shinner is the best green cleaning chemical that does now not affect the transparency and shine of the glass. Taps and, however, cleanses it gently, keeping mild care. Our researchers at Ecochem have formalized Eco-Shinner with natural green chemical chemicals that are secure at usage.

With consistent water contacts, most surfaces enhance lime staining that is challenging to remove. Chemical compositions in targeted chemical compounds can suffocate the person and can reason serious illness. With specific lookup and preserving fitness dangers in mind, we have created this superior component to cast off hard industrial water stains instantly.



Eco-Shinner is an organic green solution that clears hard water stains quickly, leaving glass or different tap surfaces clean and germ-free. Its no-residue formula makes this green cleaning chemical stand out from the relaxation of the cleaning chemicals. This eco-friendly chemical is apt for industrial utilization with no poisonous residues to depart due to its water-based formulation.


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Hard stain on walls-

Walls are the first component observed whilst coming into a residence, workplace, or common areas. However, if they are weighted down with dirt, smudges, and marks, you may additionally now not be capable of making the proper impact on visitors and visitors. Also, with an extended emphasis on hygienic dwelling in the cutting-edge times, it is vital to pay interest to this significant phase of your domestic or place of business that frequently gets neglected.

However, it is difficult to hold the dirty finger marks and paan/tobacco or ink stains not touching the walls. Most people use chemical sprays and harsh detergents to ease the dust and smudges. However, these do extra damage than good.

Commercial toxic cleaners leave patches on the floor or harm the paint. Ecochem uses natural cleaning chemicals, which no longer deface walls. Thus, it is endorsed to avoid commercial toxic cleaners and use green cleaning chemicals to keep your wall paint intact and clean.

Eco-Green Kleen Eraser For Stain Removal

Eco-Green Kleen eraser is an Eco-friendly Paan/tobacco/Ink Stain remover formulated to erase challenging stains from industrial walls, grills, and corners. With a populace of tobacco chewers and paan consumers, the necessity of a solution is the want of the hour. With our sharp eyes on applicable green cleaning chemicals, our researchers have created this natural, green, cleaning chemical substance for cleaning.

Our non-toxic bio-based cleaning product, Eco-Green Kleen, removes Paan and tobacco stains everywhere inside and outside the industrial areas. See the utilization guidelines earlier than this product as it may also reason slight itching if dealt with naked hands. It is beneficial to put on rubber gloves earlier than the usage.


Directly spray over the stains and depart them for 5 to ten minutes, then wash them off with regular water to see the results. Eco-Green Kleen Eraser, however, does no longer release fumes of poisonous gases due to the fact of its organic properties. As a producer of Eco-Chemical products for cleaning, we advocate using this product to dispose of ink and paint stains properly from industrial spaces. Ecochem’s dedication to manufacturing solely protected and green cleaning chemicals are assisting us in making a mark in the industry. Our Eco-Green Kleen Eraser is used on the whole for all industrial places. Make public areas cleaned adequately by erasing paan stains with Eco-Green Kleen Eraser!


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With the ideal use of these green cleaning chemical substances, you will get applicable outcomes as the tiles, and decorated walls of your workplaces and houses won’t get harmed. As the days grew, more and more people began using green cleaning chemical compounds to decrease the impact of poisonous chemical substances.

Written By: Anamika singh