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Ecochem Products For Public Places
Oct 22
Ecochem Products For Public Places
  • October 29, 2022
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One of the essential and best approaches to defending public health is to hold public places clean
and keep health codes according to the area, so the public gets closer collectively to work, sketch
and learn. Corporate offices, buildings, hospitals, malls, schools, gymnasiums, pharmaceuticals,
Temples and accommodations should remain clean and tidy no longer to enhance appearances
but also to keep a preference for cleanliness and health with the help of environmentally friendly
organic green cleaning chemicals. One can achieve cleaning in public places too.

Green cleaning chemicals have emerged as extra than the other cleaning chemicals on campus
cleaning regimens. Cleaning departments throughout the world and all parts of India and all
major cities have started adopting green cleaning chemicals and practices to attain more essential
sustainability goals, and regulations commonly being surpassed that mandate different
sustainable cleaning methods.

Some cleaning chemicals used to clean public places can be detrimental to health. So it’s high
time to choose eco-friendly green cleaning chemicals that are not too harsh, acid-based and
contain poisonous toxic ingredients in chemicals.

The Impact of Green Cleaning in Public Places

Green cleaning chemicals grant healthy, protected, and clean public places by not harming the
environment. The food service and guidance areas, ample restrooms, public halls and lobby
areas, etc., are all high-traffic areas where ordinary cleaning is done daily. Conventional
cleaning chemicals and practices introduce harsh chemical compounds and detergents into the air
and water and can grant much less than sufficient stipulations for everyone. The influence of
adopting green cleaning chemicals in public places around the world can have a jointly most
essential and practical impact on the environment.

Eco-Green Flo For Floor Cleaning

Our bio-based cleaning chemicals for housekeeping, like Eco-Green Flo, effectively kill 99.9%
of microbes, and the person will adore the polished surfaces as executed using the computing device
use. Our group makes extraordinary efforts to make nature protected and green with the aid of
presenting bio-based cleaning chemicals which can be used for all cleansing at Corporates,
hotels, hospitals, factories and industrial spaces etc.

Eco-Green Flo is made with the best efforts of researchers at Ecochem. With our inclination
toward bio-based cleaning chemicals, this herbal listen has sturdy competencies to sanitize any
flooring and provides a brilliant surface shine gently. With single usage, the solution cleanses all
ceramic walls, ground tiles, lacquered surfaces, all flooring tiles and ceramic partitions in

Echochem gives bio-based cleaning chemicals for cleaning, but Eco-Green Flo is tough on water
stains and rust stains, leaving the Industrial, Corporate, Hotels, and Hospitals ground quickly and
99.99% germs-free. The protection statistics and product utilization are cited on the product’s

Eco-Greener For Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Eco-Greener is best for Hotels, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, pharmaceuticals,
corporates, hospitals, and Domestic usage. Our components are organized with innocent cleaning
chemical chemicals making them protected for multi-purpose. The Ecochem crew believes in
handing over first-class and examined cleaners organically developed with minimal loss to the
biosphere and its membrane.

Ecochem is developing as the best company by supplying certain cleaning chemicals at sensible.

Prices. Our economic green cleaning chemicals consist of Eco-Greener – a multi-purpose
cleaner. The formula of demanding green cleaning chemicals makes thinking about customer
protection and cleansing staff. Eco-Greener composition affords hygienic and acid-free green
multi-purpose cleaning for unique areas and spaces.

We at Ecochem examined the solution over oily cooking surfaces, Dusty Chimneys, blocked
kitchen windows, and nearly all the corners. Eco-Greener is a Multi-purpose water-based
cleaning chemical and is gaining status as an excellent eco-friendly cleaning chemical product in
Mumbai, Maharashtra and all parts of India, Our companions enjoy using secure cleaners
to the environment and user.

Eco-Green Shine For Toilet Cleaning

Ecochem stands sturdy to fulfil the commitments that are essential for the ecosystem and the
customers at the same. Cleaning toilets can be the most challenging; our nice green cleaning
chemical compounds ensure germ safety as the best viscosity affords the choicest cleaning on
vertical and sloped surfaces. We advise Green-shine to all segments, i.e. Corporates, Hospitals,
Pharmaceuticals, Instructional Institutes, Hotels, Public areas, and home toilets.

Toilets and Ceramic surfaces are the hardest to clean as these areas are the most unclean. Our
Ecochem scientists have organized natural, green, and eco-friendly cleaning chemical
compounds for cleaning to supply exceptional bathroom cleaners. The method of Eco-Green
Shine (toilet cleaner) is prepared with a perfect viscosity to battle in opposition to challenging
stains, leaving no residue behind. With our mission to provide efficient cleaning chemicals, we
ensure that our merchandise is environment-friendly and adequate to cleanse the surface, leaving
it 99.99% microbes free.

Eco-Green shine is an unhazardous bio-based cleaning chemical that releases no poisonous
fumes and leaves the vicinity odour free. Hard water staining, lime deposits, and bacterial
infections can be removed easily, and one can rapidly note the consequences solely with the first
usage. The organized solution does not irritate the eyes and pores, and skin of the applicator,
making it protective for the person and the atmosphere.

Eco-Green Fresh For Hand Wash

Our natural hand wash is formulated with eco-friendly natural cleaning chemicals which take
care of all the fingers at work. We endorse Eco-Green Fresh to public places, corporates, hostels,
hospitals, purchasing complexes, multiplexes, pharmaceuticals, instructional establishments, and
home purposes.

Eco-Green Fresh is the best green hand wash made out of specialized herbs and herbal cleansers
to care for the palms and skin. With absolute precision and dedication, Ecochem researchers
have eventually formulated a solution for arms that are continually in working mode. The unique
formulation of green cleaning chemicals for hand washing comes in the most secure way that
drives long-lasting multi-purpose perfumed cleaners for our hands.

Ecochem believes in taking care of every bit of the customers regarding Facility Management
and cleaning. Hands-on work desires gentle care and moisturizing and retaining germs at bay.
Eco-Green Fresh is a green cleaning chemical product manufactured in India, Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra is smooth on the arms and kills up to 99.99% of microorganisms.


Green cleaning chemicals and tools can drastically enhance indoor air quality and reduce
cleaning-associated health troubles. They will increase the productivity and morale of the Cleaning staff, so let’s not waste our time looking out for green cleansing chemical products of
Ecochem and pledge to use green cleaning chemicals from today onwards.

Written By: Anamika singh