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We are all aware of the saying; “Cleanliness is Equal to Godliness.” This ancient saying proves true even in the present time when a clean environment and surrounding is more alluring than a messy one. Who would like to be surrounded by a place that is filled with dirt? Or use machines, appliances that is in unkempt condition? Certainly no one.

While we have a plethora of cleaning agents for keeping houses spik and span, the same applies to commercial outlets and industries. Compared to our household, industrial machines and commercial places like offices, factories, hotels, malls, etc., are prone to more dirt. Used by thousands of people, there the chance of more dirt, and thus the need for a stronger cleaning agent is the crux. An industrial cleaning products are ideal pick for larger places considering its impeccable potential of cleansing the area within minutes.


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This brings us to the next stop, which is what are industrial cleaning products and if they are safe to use. So, let’s delve a little deeper:

Industrial cleaning products are agents that are used to maintain a healthy and clean environment at your home and workplace. These include toilet cleaners, sprays, multipurpose cleaners, floor cleaners, industrial degreasers, Industrial remover, etc. For example, Industrial degreasers are used for getting rid of stubborn stains like that of grease and oil, which is impossible with ordinary soaps or cleaners. The chemicals in the cleaners do make the task of cleaning easy. Yet the question here is, are they harmful to humans and the environment per se?


Go the eco-friendly way

The chemicals in the cleaning agents tend to be extremely reactive. They thus need to be used safely and handled with care. They are completely hazardous-free. However, there are eco-friendly alternatives too. Eco-friendly or green industrial cleaning products are becoming popular among industries and households, considering the myriad of benefits it offers.

In this blog, we would run through how cleaning products help keep places clean and pollution-free. So, continue to read.

How different are green industrial cleaning products to regular cleaning agents?

While both cleaning agents do the work of cleansing and getting rid of dirt, green cleaning agents are different from regular ones. There are two extremes of a spectrum. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Eco-friendly industrial degreaser or multipurpose remover are made with zero usage of chemicals. These tend to be 100% acid-free (acids happen to be the primary cause of pollution) and can be used for varied purposes. Whether it is removing industrial stains or getting rid of the stubborn grease, it is still possible, but here without causing any harm to the user.

  • Green industrial agents or Eco-friendly cleaning products that are bio-based tend to be safe for domestic and industrial purposes. They are a unique mix of natural germ-killing agents that keep the users and the environment free from the danger of pollution or injury.

  • Cleaning agents that comprise acids and chemicals have severe repercussions on human bodies, leading to skin diseases, eye, skin irritation, etc.

  • Cleaning agents with HMIS rating which ensures its non-inflammable. These are created following safety norms and thereby safe huge on future maintenance.


How do cleaning products work?

The cleaning products are released in the environment during normal usage, wherein it evaporates volatile components and rinses down the drain of the product in a cleaned surface, scrubs, etc. Herein, the janitors and cleaner are more prone to contact the residues and concentrated chemicals during handling and use.

For example, the surfactants used for conventional products tend to biodegrade slowly, turning more toxic and persistent, thereby turning dangerous to aquatic life.


Why should you go the Eco Way?

Our environment is not just the immediate surrounding comprising of our workplace or household but goes beyond. While the dirt gets cleaned and no dust or any stain remains, the toxicity that remains in the air tends to go unnoticed. The chemicals present in the cleaning products stay in the air for an extended period and get deposited again in varied areas. This leads to harmful effects on health and the environment, thereby degrading it further.

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop using cleaning agents. Instead, studies have proven how eco-friendly or green industrial cleaning products are hazardous-free. They are 100% chemical-free and treats all types of stains with equal toughness. Besides, developed with no residue formula leaves no stains on the surface, thereby giving it the ultimate shine.

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The benefits include:

No toxicity formula

Green cleaning agents do not contain any toxic chemicals. Thereby, it proves to be extremely safe for the user as they are protected from exposure to toxic fumes and substances left out of it otherwise and doesn’t lead to harmful side effects like cough, eye, or skin irritation associated with toxic chemicals.



Conventional or regular industrial cleaning agents are destructive to the surrounding in a plethora of ways. For example, the fumes released out of the multipurpose industrial cleaner can contaminate the air through the process of evaporation. Besides, when they tend to mix with water and pollute it. Besides, they also endanger the lives of organisms in the water. Eco-friendly products contain natural ingredients that ensure we are healthy, the surrounding is clean and environment toxic free.


Use them on any surfaces

Conventional cleaning agents tend to be reactive to certain surfaces that cause fumes or damage to the area. Eco-friendly cleaning products are an ideal stop for multiple use, whether it is hospitals or households, where cleanliness and maintaining health go hand in hand. Besides, they are stain-free too.


Pleasant Smell

Using acids or conventional products tend to have a very bad smell. This can make it extremely difficult to breathe at times. Cleaning products made of natural agents are acid-free and provide a pleasant aroma that isn’t nauseating.

Whether it is easy handling or long-term savings on money, as well as the reduction in toxic waste, opting for the right industrial cleaning product will keep you and your environment clean as well as pollution-free!