We all be aware of the ordinary cleaning chemicals which comprise detrimental chemicals. And they commonly come in massive plastic bottles. But when you want your kitchen benches, floors, sinks, and different surfaces to be clean and germ-free, you want eco-friendly cleaning chemicals that work for you, and we at Ecochem provide you with the best eco-friendly cleaning chemicals for kitchen cleaning.

Ecochem‘s eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are licensed as sustainable cleaning chemicals. So make sure that the ingredient list is extra eco-pleasant than traditional cleaning chemicals furnished with the aid of different famous chemicals marketed as green cleaning chemicals beneath their supposedly sustainable brands. Or even DIY cleaning chemicals and self-made cleaners containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide. So, here we are providing you with the best eco-friendly cleaning chemicals for kitchen cleaning of Ecochem-

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Cleaning dirt and oily utensils are, but any other undertaking put up unpleasurable for meal lovers. Ecochem has made the work handy with natural cleaning chemical substances named Eco-Glitter(Dishwasher Gel). Our bio-based cleaning chemical correctly fights difficult stains and oil from metallic surfaces, including shine to the dishware. The heady herbal scent of lemon offers the characters a freshness and assists in a handy wash of oily meal stains from the utensils.

Ecochem believes in Natural, Green, Herbal, and Organic Chemicals for cleaning, and protection is one of the brand’s concerns. Our researchers have saved the pH neutral so that it no longer has any dangerous impact on the user’s skin. Eco-Glitter is mild on the skin, and even one spoon of Eco-Glitter is ample to smooth a sink full of spoiled utensils. A particular ought to be for the industries associated with meals and restaurants.

Why Choose Eco-Glitter?

• 100% organic
• No residue formula
• Eliminates odour
• Safe on hands
• Adds shine to utensils

Eco-Glitter is formulated with no-residue components that make it exquisite the satisfactory amongst different Organic Chemicals for cleaning. We propose Eco-Glitter for meals enterprise spaces. Get Glitter to clean dishes quickly!


Ecochem has formulated Eco-Met Tap Shinner. A non-toxic bio-based cleaning chemical to clean the rust and challenging water stains to keep it from additional damage. Ecochem has developed a cleaning chemical for Industrial use with superior lookup and technology. Eco-Met Tap Shinner is most appropriate for cleaning heavy machines and equipment with its water-based formula. The utility is easy, and the utilization practice is furnished on the packaging of Eco-Met Shinner. Unlike different steel cleaners, Eco-Met Tap shinner is a water-based eco-friendly cleaner to make metals clean and shine.

Eco-Met Tap Shinner is in excellent health to keep the metal’s durability as its green components gently clear any rust-challenging water stains from the metallic surfaces, besides leaving any stains behind. Irrespective of different steel cleaners, Eco-Met Tap Shinner, is one of the Natural, Green, Herbal, and Organic cleaning chemicals for cleaning. No poisonous fumes, no smell, but adequate to supply metals with an appropriate shine. As all our Ecochem products are safe to the application where used and are eco-friendly, we have innovated green chemical compounds that are protected the customers and the surroundings. The product is distinctly endorsed for all metal surfaces application where used and also can be used for all heavy equipment and equipment to shield metals from corrosion.

Why Choose Eco-Met Tap Shinner?

  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Adds shine to metals
  • No poisonous fumes
  • Water-based
  • Safe to use
  • Cost-effective

As our manufacturer of all eco-friendly cleaning chemicals for cleaning, we have innovated green chemicals that are secure to the customers and the surroundings. The product is endorsed to all metal enterprises for using heavy equipment and equipment to protect metals from corrosion.


Drain pipes take a lot of waste from us. Apart from liquid or moist waste, there are food, hair, and different grime particles that can lead to clogging of the pipe. And no longer to mention, cleaning closely blocked pipes is a pretty tricky task. Thankfully, Eco-Drain O Kleener from Ecochem brings the final solution to hold your cleaning hassles which is fantastically advocated for industrial and company areas. This special drain cleaner with Biodegradable composition is perfect for cleaning the blockage of sinks, washbasins, and draining pipes.

Eco-Drain O Kleener is a bioactive liquid system that acts without problems and opens clogged pipes except by inserting many efforts. This fantastic product from Ecochem is designed to clear blockages like grease, hair, food, and different filth particles from drainage holes. Eco-Drain O Kleener (drain cleaner) no longer solely clears the severe blockage; however, it has an antibacterial system to keep the pipes secure and clean. With Eco-Drain O Kleener from Ecochem, get rid of specious grime caught on the interior of the kitchen sink pipes that have the doable to purpose serious health issues. The Drain cleaner from Ecochem is a bioactive system that can be used at once for unblocking sewer pipes or drain holes.

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Why Choose Eco-Drain O Kleener?

Bioactive substances to make sure safety

  • Germicidal moves dispose of 99.9% of germs.
  • Ready to use liquid formulation
  • Heavy-duty degreasing surfactant
  • Quick action
  • Easy and secure to use
  • Ideal for cleansing washbasins, kitchen sinks, and draining pipes
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • 100% natural and satisfactory product

Eco-Drain O Kleener from Ecochem is the last solution to your family cleaning tasks. The powerful system of our cleaning chemical not solely clears the toughness to cast off particles like hair, food, or grease from the pipes, but its Liquid base reaches every nook of the sink to make it free from bacteria. The product is best for Household, Hotel, Corporate, and Industrial use.


Ecochem is highly concerned about the Environment, so we have made green cleaning chemical substances for Corporates, Pharma, Hospitals, Restaurants, Industries, and Schools. Let the cleaning chemicals of Ecochem assist you in cleaning your amenities and equipment with our mixed eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning chemicals and our demonstrated green cleaning methods. Ecochem has been making green cleaning chemical compounds for many years, which are examined and are no longer detrimental for the consumer as properly as the surroundings so you can rely on us for green cleaning chemicals.

Written By: Anamika singh