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The world is in our hands; choose an alternative way to go green by using Green Cleaning Chemicals!!
  • May 12, 2022
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go green using green chemicals

The great American architect and writer Frank Lloyd Wright said about nature, “I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.” After reading this, you can think the environment is essential to us. Without the environment, humans are worthless. You can save an environment using green chemicals.

A clean and healthy environment is a blessing for human beings. Everything humans need to survive is given by nature, such as plants and trees giving oxygen, dams, rivers providing water, and natural cycles like climate and nutrients. The pollution-free environment gives long healthy life, reduces anger, fear, stress, and healthy and highly nutritious food. Happy nature makes humans happy. The environment is not perfect, but nothing is perfect as an environment. Anything made by the climate is ideal in their way, and humans never copy it

Everyone says to save the environment, but how many of us take care of the environment? How many of us know the importance of protecting and taking care of the environment? Everyone wants clean air, Clean Water, and clean and beautiful nature, but no one is got a part in cleaning the environment. Suppose the environment is polluted, and humans never survive peacefully and healthily. So, let’s come together and save mother earth and beautiful nature.


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What are alternative ways to Save the Environment?








Avoid the use of plastic – using plastic encourages pollution because plastic is never destroyed. In dumping, when you throw it, it lasts longer and is never destroyed like other waste; if you throw it in water, that plastic has polluted the water. If you burn it, then the harmful element of that plastic will pollute the air.  

Thus, the use of plastic is harmful to the environment. Avoid using plastic bags, Plastic Tiffin or water bottle, etc., and start using cotton bags, steel, or any other metal tiffin box and bottles.

Plant a tree – Planting a tree is vital to saving the environment. The plant gives us beautiful flowers, testy fruits, and wood, and the most important is plants provide us with oxygen to survive. As per research, one big tree needs 10 to 20 years to grow correctly and requires care and effort, but if someone wants to cut it, they need half an hour or less. If we want to save the environment, first keep the plants.

Conserve Water – Water is the second eventful element needs to survive. 73% is water on the earth, and the other 23% is an island. In 73% of water, only 0.4% is drinkable and usable; the remaining water is found in the oceans. The ocean’s water is too salty for drinking, crops, and other uses.

So, think about what we can do when that 0.4% is finished? Can we make water?


So, saving water is like keeping a life.

go green using green chemicals
Minimum paper consumption – Paper is made from mechanically or chemically processing wood and other ingredients. Traditional paper is never made without wood, but the market has many options for wood-free (Eco-friendly) papers. The updated version of traditional papers.

But in today’s life, we have so many alternative ways to avoid using paper-like, digital notes, digital filing, and digital data storage. You can also find other digital methods to avoid paper ingredients.

Use public transport – Public transport helps improve air quality, prevents air pollution, and reduces oil consumption. If we use private vehicles for 1 or 2 personals, we need the same fuel as a need for 50 people. Maximum use of public transport helps save the environment.

Recycling of products – Recycling products is today’s necessity because managing waste is getting tough day by day. Recycling means applying some process to the used product or material (waste material) and convert into the new one for fresh use.

There are so many products available in the market which is recyclable, like glass bottles and jars, newspapers, magazines, mixed paper, Metal containers, Tin, aluminium, and steel cans, some plastic bags, and some wraps.. Recycling helps reduce your carbon footprint and helps to save energy, reduce the need for harvesting raw materials, prevent pollution, and more.

And the last but not the list that is,

Using Green Chemicals for cleaning:

But before using, first, know about the environmental cleaning green chemicals.


What are Green Chemicals?








The chemicals are made from natural, biodegradable, and human-friendly ingredients like Plant-based surfactants, water, and acid, which are not harmful to humans and the environment. Green chemicals prevent pollution and allergies too. The dilution ratio is also less than the local brands’ chemicals. The extended use of local brands’ chemicals may create critical health issues, but green chemicals are 100% safe, no matter how long time you have used that.


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What happens when you start using Green Cleaning Chemicals?








As we see in the above paragraph, Eco-friendly green chemicals are safe for humans and the environment. So when you start using it, the pollution is automatically controlled, and your allergies and health issue will destroy. It helps to increase the planet’s life and good air quality.

The local cleaning chemicals can damage the surface where we are applying, like removing rust but decreasing the thickness of the metal, damaging the transparency and removing the shine of the glass, removing the shine and originality of the marble. Still, when you use Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, the surface where we are applying the chemical is safe.

What happens when you continue to use harsh chemicals for cleaning?

When using local market cleaning brands or any branded cleaning products, we need to check what ingredients are used to prepare. Are they highly acidic and effective in harsh chemicals or cleaning? The dirt, dust, dangerous bacteria, and viruses will kill out, and they have a beautiful, peaceful fragrance, too that’s why you feel so clean and fresh. We love the result, and you will continue using that chemical. 

But have we understood the ingredients used for making the chemicals? 

The answer is a big “No”; no one has time to see the ingredients and safety precautions. Then it’s time to be a sensor and take action about what is good for you and the environment.

go green using green chemicals

Most of the cleaning chemicals are made for the chemicals like Triclosan, Formaldehyde, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, and Ammonia. From these chemicals, you will get severe illnesses like Brain injuries, Lungs problem, Dry and irritating skin, itchiness and allergy, and burning of the eyes, nose, skin, and throat.


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What is the alternative available in the market for cleaning?

In the market, many companies claim their chemicals are Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. However, some hidden irradiance is still there, which is harmful to humans and the environment.


Then how can you choose the best cleaning chemicals?

Ecochem is one of the best and most genuine companies that prepare 100% Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, cosmetic grade and pH level tested but still budget-friendly. Once you start using it, you will feel the difference automatically.

Many chemicals are available, like Hand Wash, Toilet Cleaner, Dishwasher Gel, Floor Cleaner, Marble Cleaner, etc., for corporate cleaning. Rust Remover, Degreaser, Metal Polish, Plastic Stain Remover, etc., for Industrial cleaning, and Non-fragrant cleaning chemicals are also available for pharmaceutical and food industrial cleaning.

Self-change is mandatory if you want to change the world, so get start from yourself now and keep using Green Cleaning Chemicals for the safety of our staff, family, and other life and our beautiful mother earth.


Written by:
Priyanka Sonawane.