Eco-Glitter Dishwash

Eco-Glitter (Dishwasher Gel)

Glitter is a herbal food-grade dishwasher gel made with a lemon fragrance that efficiently removes deep, tough stains, clears oily surfaces without affecting their character, and gives a shiny look. Its natural fragrance leaves all utensils smelling fresh, while its pH-neutral formula is gentle on your hands. It is also great for the money, with one spoon of Glitter enough to clean a full sink of dirty utensils.

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Eco-Germ O Kill For Multipurpose Disinfection & Sanitization

Eco-Germ-O-Kill is a water-based multi-purpose disinfectant. It works effectively against germs and viruses and stops the spread of germs that get transferred through contact. It is a safe and non-toxic solution that is very much effective that requires very few minutes to kill the pandemic Virus. Bacteria etc.

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Eco-Germ O Finish For Floor Disinfection & Sanitization

Eco-Germ-O-Finish is a water-based citric acid bio-degradable disinfectant. It is a non-flammable and non-toxic solution that disinfects floors and surfaces. It does not harmful effects on the user and environment. It kills 99.99% of germs and viruses present on the surface.

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Eco-Drain O Kleener

Eco-Drain-O-Kleener is a bioactive liquid formulation that easily opens clogged pipes without much effort. Its unique Biodegradable composition is ideal for cleaning blockage of sinks, washbasins, and other draining pipes.

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Eco-Cop Shiner For All Types Metal Cleaning

Eco-Cop shiner (metal cleaner) makes the metal look shinier and bright. Its non-toxic nature makes its use smoother in food processing plants, and industries can easily use this product for cleaning metal surfaces.

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Green Shine

Eco-Green Shine (Toilet Cleaner)

Eco-Green Shine is a Toilet Cleaner. The formulation of Eco-Green Shine is prep with an ideal viscosity to fight against tough stains leaving no residue behind.

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Consultancy Facility Service

Advisory Consultancy Facility Service

Ecochem offers advisory consultancy facility service to newbies in the industry by providing detailed knowledge about the economical green chemical products. Our advisory panel includes expert members with in-hand experiences…

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Cleaning Machinery

Cleaning Machinery & Cleaning Tools

As manufacturers of user-friendly green cleaning products, we at Ecochem offers cleaning machinery and cleaning tools at cost-effective rates. We also assist our partners on how to grow business with…

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