Cleaning Calls For Eco-Sparkler (Liquid Laundry Detergent)

Clothes are in very close contact with the body, so they need to be cleaned and disinfected from the germs to prevent us from any health issues. Eco-Sparkler is a single green solution to all your cloth washing problems. This liquid detergent is preferably used in washing machines for both the top and front loads. Our preference for herbal ingredients makes it 100% safe for usage. This high-performance fabric solution is recommended to nay or every kind of fabric as we pay heed to our consumer’s needs and also their concern with disinfectants about every garment they wear. Henceforth, our research team has come up with a solution (eco-sparkler) for them.

100% Eco-friendly

Safe for the environment.

Safe to use

Perfectly simple and easy



Dilution Ratio

10 ML in 1 Litre Water

Eco-sparkler is designed to not only clean the clothes or remove the foul odor but also to restrain the texture of the fabrics from being damaged. The use of organic ingredients in the manufacturing of eco-sparkler makes it 100% safe for human use as well as for the environment. At Ecochem, our researchers do not just rely on solving the existing problem, but to give additional benefits through the products. We cannot withstand chemicals in our products for the safety precautions for our customers as well as our employees.

At Ecochem, we want to formulate products which can meet the consumer expectations to the fullest. Our unbeatable research team is capable of designing green products that have the efficiency to make the area as well as its surrounding odor-free. It is highly recommended to factories, pharmaceuticals, food factories, corporate space, hospitals, hotels, etc.


Why Choose

Eco-Sparkler (Liquid Laundry Detergent)

Our organic liquid detergent has no side-effects and helps in removing the toughest stains quickly. Dry-cleaning is non-economical for a large group of audience, and with this product, we assure dry-cleaning like cleanliness to each garment. To reduce costing and smell, it is recommended to clean and sanitize clothes at home with the help of our laboratory designed solution. Eco-Sparkler will give an extra benefit of maintaining and repairing the texture of the fabric.

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1. Is Eco-Sparkler safe for use on all types of fabrics?
Eco-Sparkler is safe for use on all types of fabrics, including delicates and wool.
2. How much Eco-Sparkler should I use per a load of laundry?
The recommended amount of Eco-Sparkler per a load of laundry is 1 oz for regular loads and 2 oz for heavily soiled loads.
3. Does Eco-Sparkler contain any harsh chemicals or toxins?
No, Eco-Sparkler is free from harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, making it safe for the environment and those with sensitive skin.
4. Can Eco-Sparkler be used in high-efficiency washing machines?
Yes, Eco-Sparkler is safe for use in high-efficiency washing machines as it is low sudsing and helps preserve the machine's life.
5. Is Eco-Sparkler effective in cold water washes?
Eco-Sparkler is effective in hot and cold water washes, making it an ideal choice for energy-efficient washing machines.

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