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Eco-Green Fresh For Hand Wash

Hands Fresh with Eco-Green Fresh!


Eco-Green Fresh is the ideal green hand wash made out of specialized herbs and natural cleansers to take care of the hands and skin. With complete precision and dedication, Ecochem researchers have finally formulated a solution for hands that are always on working mode. The unique formula of green chemical for hand wash comes the safest way that drives long-lasting multi-purpose perfumed cleanser for hands.

Ecochem believes in nurturing every bit of the users when it comes to facility management and especially cleansing. Hands-on work needs gentle care and moisturizing and keeping germs at bay. Eco-Green Fresh is a green chemical product manufactured in Mumbai that is soft on hands and kills bacteria up to 99.99%.

The green ingredients make it more desirable by our clients and partners as our no-harsh chemicals mission gives our products a differentiation. Being water-based, this formula is gentle on the skin and tough on germs and saves the environment from any damage.

Eco-Green fresh is the herbal handwash

100% Herbal
• Goodness of Nature
• Gentle on hands
• Kills germs 99.99%
• Mild fragrance
• Moisturizes the skin

Dilution Ratio – Ready to Use

Our herbal hand wash is formulated with eco-friendly herbal products takes care of all the hands that are at work. We recommend Eco-Green Fresh to corporates, hostels, hospitals, shopping complexes, multiplexes, pharmaceuticals, educational institutions and domestic purposes. We skip harmful acids and chemicals to avoid the harshness and adverse effects on the skin with organic anti-bacterial properties.