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Eco-Green Kleen Eraser For Stain Remover

Eco-Green Kleen eraser is an Eco-friendly Paan/gutka/Ink Stain remover specially formulated to erase tough stains from industrial walls, grills, and corners. With a population of gutka chewers and paan consumers, the necessity of solution is the need of the hour. With our sharp eyes on relevant green chemicals, our researchers have created this natural, green, herbal and organic chemicals for cleaning.

Our non-toxic bio-based cleaning product, Eco-Green Kleen removes Paan and Gutka stains which are best for all the industrial areas. It is advisable to read the usage instructions before the use of this product as it may cause a little itching if handled with bare hands. It is advisable to wear rubber gloves before the usage.

Directly spray over the stains and leave it for five to ten minutes, then wash off with normal water to see the results. Eco-Green Kleen Eraser, however, does not release fumes of toxic gases because of its organic properties. As a manufacturer of Eco-Chemical products for the cleaning, we advise to use this product for removing ink stains and paint stains as well from industrial spaces.

Green Kleen eraser- Eco-friendly Paan/gutka/Ink Stain remover

• 100% natural
• Tough on stains
• Pocket-friendly
• Eco-friendly
• No residue formula

Dilution Ratio – Ready to Use

Ecochem’s dedication to manufacturing only safe and green products is helping us make a mark in the industry. Our Eco-Green Kleen Eraser is used mostly for all industrial places.

Make public spaces clean by erasing paan stains with Eco-Green Kleen Eraser!