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Housekeeping cleaning chemicals
Sep 20
Housekeeping cleaning chemicals
  • September 10, 2020
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Cleaning chemicals play an essential role in our day-to-day life. We use these cleaning chemicals for sanitizing or disinfecting our surroundings .i.e., factories, industries, schools, hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, etc. Cleaning chemicals helps improving cleaning organizations to clean the places more effectively. These cleaning chemicals kill the germs and viruses and stop them from spreading. Housekeeping is impossible without cleaning chemicals. These cleaning chemicals we feel are essential for cleaning, but the results on the environment are adverse. These cleaning chemicals are toxic and hazardous for the health of humans and nature. It imitates the poisonous fumes, which irritates our eyes, skin, and nose and causes chronic respiratory diseases. Cleaning chemicals kill the germs and viruses, but meanwhile, it destroys the environment by polluting the water, aquatic life, air, etc.

Benefits of green cleaning chemicals:

Eco-friendly chemicals remain friendly with nature. It’s time to think and stop using these harmful cleaning chemicals and to start using eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. These chemicals will save our environment and money too, as they are pocket friendly. Eco-friendly products are safe, non-toxic, green, biodegradable, and herbal. These chemicals are easy-to-handle. Kills germs and viruses effectively without any harm.

Different types of cleaning chemicals:

  • Floor cleaning liquid solution: Floor cleaning liquid solution is one of the essential cleansers in all other cleaning chemicals. Keeping the floor clean is a necessary part of maintaining appearance. It is a water-based solution that can be used quickly whenever needed. It is formulated for daily use. It is used everywhere for cleaning the surfaces. It beautifies the floor by adding a dazzling mirror-like shine to the floor. It helps in clearing the stubborn stains and litters. It sanitizes our surroundings by killing the germs, allergens, and viruses present on the floor by leaving the pleasant aroma behind. It is used at home, shops, hospitals, hotels, malls, industrial areas, corporate areas, etc
  • Marble cleaning liquid solution: As we spent the right amount of money for marble flooring. We need to take extra care of marble flooring. Marble is one of the most gentle and sensitive floors that gets stained easily. The spilled food or liquid can give a stubborn stain and dull the marble flooring. They are highly reactive to acids. Strong acids immediately stain the marble. It is essential to use the liquid cleaner, which is specially designed for cleaning marble. These cleaners are safe for the marble floors and maintain the shine of the marble flooring. It adds incredible shine to the marble after every use and leaves a pleasant odor.
  • Multipurpose cleaning solution: Multipurpose cleaning solution sounds impressive, which is designed to clean almost all types of surfaces, and other different variety of cleaning tasks can be done. We don’t need to store five various cans of cleaning chemicals as the multipurpose cleaning solution is enough. It acts as a floor cleaner, degreaser, disinfectant, and detergent. We can clean glasses, floors; wood, metal, etc. effectively. It also disinfects the surfaces.
  • Toilet cleaning liquid solution: Toilet cleaning solutions are specially designed to sanitize the toilets more effectively and remove the unpleasant smell by refreshing the toilet. The toilet is the powerhouse of germs and bacteria. These solutions kill germs, viruses, and allergens quickly. This toilet cleaning solution has made the toilet cleaning task more manageable. If one has the toilet cleaning solution, just pick up the brush and start cleaning the toilet as it contains the antibacterial solution that kills the viruses and germs quickly and leaves a fresh fragrance after every use.
  • Glass cleaning liquid solution: Glass cleaning liquid solution is specially created for cleaning glasses. Glass cleaning solution usually is water-based, which is spray and wipe type. The basic principle of glass cleaning liquid solution is to dissolve the dirt, remove stubborn stains, and most essential to clean glass without leaving streaks on glass by leaving the shiny surface. Some glass cleaners even leave the aroma.
  • Water stain remover solution: Hard water stain removing is the toughest job which is being simple because of water stain removing solution. This solution helps in removing the water stains settled on the bathroom tiles, bathroom doors, sinks, tubs, etc. this solution helps in dissolving the stubborn stains quickly by leaving the shiny surface.
  • Dishwashing liquid gel: Cleaning dirty and oily utensils is the most challenging thing. Dish washing liquid gel is primarily used to clean the dirt and germs off the utensils. It is a highly foaming combination that avoids skin irritation. It cleans the plates, cutlery, glasses, cooking utensils, sinks, etc. It adds brilliant shine to the utensils and clears the bad odor.
  • Rust cleaning liquid solution: Rust occurs in the metal surfaces that contain iron. Rust is the most stubborn stain to get rid of. Rust breakdown of the metal surfaces.  Rust cleaning liquid solution will be the most effective way to clear the rust of the surface, and it also increases the life span of surfaces. It is highly recommended for industrial areas.
  • Grease cleaning liquid solution: Grease is the thick and oily layer formed on the surface, which is the most challenging task to clean. Grease cleaning liquid solution cleans the grease easily and brings back the shine of the surface. It disinfects the area and cleans faster. It helps in removing the deep, old, and stubborn grease. It even cleans the delicate surface without affecting it shine. It is hugely recommended for industrial and corporate areas.
  • Hand sanitizers: germs get on the hands and, if not sanitized, can get transferred from person-to-person and can cause illness. Washing your hands with hand wash will kill the germs and bacteria present on the hand without irritating the skin. When water and hand wash are readily not available, one should use hand sanitizing liquid gel that contains skin-friendly chemicals that kill the germs and viruses effectively and leaves a pleasant odor on hands.

Green Cleaning Chemicals

Green cleaning chemicals work more effectively as compared to normal chemicals. As these normal chemicals works effectively but as the time passes it damages the shine and sheen of surface and machinery. They are harsh, corrosive, toxic, and hazardous, this pollutes the water, aquatic life, and environment and also affects adversely on human health. Toxic chemicals irritate the eyes, throat and cause chronic respiratory diseases, etc. Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are non-toxic and non-hazardous and are easy to handle. Green chemicals are pocket friendly. Let’s, get started on using Eco-friendly chemicals and save our precious planet earth. Ecochem is the manufacturer of Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in Mumbai, which provides chemicals for industries, corporate, housekeeping, and facility management services.

By- Shubhangi Chikane