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Eco-Green All For Glass Cleaning

Eco-Green All Glass Cleaner


Glasses are meant to shine and gloss, researchers at Ecochem offers all types of glass cleansing and care solutions with handy Green-All Glass Cleanser. It leaves surfaces shiny and acts softly on scratches leaving the glass and stainless steel polished and stain-free as it is formulated using water-based techniques. Our biodegradable chemicals for cleaning provides the best solutions to the surface by disinfecting them of microbes and bacteria.

Eco-Green All glass cleanser is prepared with Environment Green Cleaning Chemicals that are not harmful to the ecosphere and not to the user on the other hand. Multiple cleaning agents in the market emit toxic gases in the air, making it unbearable for the user’s eyes and skin. Pondering over this, our researchers came up with water-based Green Cleaning Chemicals for Housekeeping and Facility Management services.

With the idea of providing harmless chemicals, our team ensure that we do not compromise the cleansing actions of the chemicals. We take on the privilege as we move in the direction to make the atmosphere a safer and cleaner place to reside.

Eco-Green all is herbal Glass Cleaner

100% Natural
• Adds sparkling shine to glasses
• Soft on hands
• Disinfects the surfaces
• Removes stains and dirt
• Prevents scratches
• No-residue formula

Dilution Ratio – 10 ML in 1 Litre Water

Our glass cleaner formula is non-greasy and makes the glass surface shine with a sparkling glow. We highly recommend our eco-friendly cleansing solutions to Hotels, Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, Shopping malls, educational institutes and wherever glass panels and glassware needs shine.

Glossy Glasses with Eco-Green All!