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Eco-Germ O Finish For Floor & Surface

Ecochem has stored its foot firmly in the cleaning industry as a fast-growing brand that delivers peak customer satisfaction and quality products. The company strives for sustainability and green future, with a mission of “Green India, Safe India”. Our research and development team values the manufacturing of organic, natural, and hygienic products which do not have harmful effects on the user or the environment. Our R & D team offers safe and sustainable solutions to all our partners. We at Ecochem believe in providing our customers with acid-free green cleaning products that add an extra bright finish. Our user-friendly disinfectant products provide maximum safety against coronavirus and kill 99.99% of microbes.


Eco-Germ O Finish is a water-based disinfectant having a mixture of citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. It requires a few minutes to kill the coronavirus. Eco-Germ O Finish is a ready-to-use for floor disinfection and has been tested to cause any harm to its users or the environment. As per the United States, Environmental Protection Agency, 0.08 – 0.1 % of QAC is very effective against novel coronavirus. EPA (USA) has approved Ecolab product (Multipurpose disinfectant cleaner) having 0.08% concentration of QAC (after dilution) as a COVID-19 disinfectant.

  • Water-Based
  • Non-Flammable
  • Shelf Life of 2 years (stored away from sunlight)
  • Non- Hazardous Solution
  • Least Contact time
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Ready to use
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • DIPP, GOI Approved

How does it work?

As per the details, CORONAVIRUS consists of oily lipid molecules; our team has designed disinfectant which includes of a hybrid structure with hydrophobic and hydrophilic ends. The disinfectant spray kills the virus as the hydrophobic tails to the lipid membrane and tears it apart. The disinfectant gradually traps these fragmented virus cells in bubbles called micelles, and they can be washed easily with water.



Eco-Germ O Finish is composed of Citrus Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Non-Ionic Surfactant & Sterilized water.


Ready to use Product

Eco-Germ O Finish is ready to use product, thus requiring no more hassle to add water. It is ideal for washrooms, flooring and surface cleaning, Offices, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, pharmaceuticals, corporates, hospitals, as well as for domestic usage. Our formulation is organic-based prepared with Non-hazardous chemicals making it safe for various surfaces. User-friendly and less contact time reduce overall cleaning time. We are leading to improved overall efficiency. Our team believes in delivering quality and along with sustainability, causing a minimal effect on the environment.