Do You Know What Green Chemicals Are?

There is a substantial probability that we don’t know what green chemicals are. Green Chemicals are not well-known to the outside world because of the presence of a recognition issue. Mainly Green stands for safety & growth and chemicals means a reaction or mixture of 2 or more elements to create a pure substance.

In brief, Green Chemical indicates that the chemicals that are safe for human being & environment, and these chemicals also help in the growth of our surrounding area. Green Chemicals can be as Organic Chemicals or Bio-based Chemicals.

EcoChem serves Green, Natural, Organic & Biobased chemicals that can be easily used and is appropriate for housekeeping purposes. For our office environment to be healthy, we have to take care of the hygiene factor which is taken care of by our housekeeping team. EcoChem provides eco-friendly chemicals that are suitable for your skin as well as our environment.

Use Of Green Chemicals:

In the above passage, we got to know about what are green chemicals, let us have a look at what are the benefits or uses of green chemicals provided by EcoChem and how they are useful for our housekeeping department.

• Green chemicals don’t contain any hazardous substances so no chance of skin issue:

The products used in making or creating green chemicals are the products used in cosmetic making. Therefore, these chemicals don’t affect anybody’s face or skin. These products are child-friendly chemicals also. 

Cost-effective because its small quantity can remove stains :

Everyone suggests choosing green chemicals, and there are two reasons for this:

  1. The dilution ratio of the green compound is very less &
  2. It contains thick formula with pH value-neutral that they take away all the stains.

• Kills germs within no time:

Nowadays, bacteria have increased a lot, and they affect the human body very quickly. So, we require a chemical solution that doesn’t affect humans & the environment and kills the microbes as well.

• Helps in dismissing pollution:

Pollution is the most influential problem created by toxic cleaning chemicals. So instead of using pollution creating chemicals, everyone is suggested to use eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for the environment & human beings. 

How Toxic Chemicals are not preferred than GreenChemicals :

Basis For Comparison Toxic Chemicals Green Chemicals
Meaning Toxic chemicals are the chemicals whose combination of the substance may ruin our any human part. Green Chemicals are human-friendly and are safe for our surroundings.
Approach Towards Environment Its approach is negative Its approach is positive
Dilution Ratio Dilution Ratio is very high in this case. Dilution Ratio is low.
Pollution Level These Create a lot of pollution substances. These create substances that help in reducing pollution.
Time & Money Doesn’t save time & money. Saves Time and money.
pH Level pH Level is more than 7(Acidic) pH Level is 7(neutral)
Method Toxic Chemical is an expensive process. GreenChemical is an economical process.
Approach Towards Human Being An approach towards human being is negative An approach towards human being is positive.

By – Arati Jagadale