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Green-Clean Products

Completely Different From The Normal Cleaning Products.
Go to Green-Flo (Floor Cleaner)

Green-Flo (Floor Cleaner)

Green- Flow is a signature product of EcoChem & Designed For All Type Of Floors.

Go to Green-Shine (Toilet Cleaner)

Green-Shine (Toilet Cleaner)

No acidic fumes, elegant fragrance makes it super comfortable for user.

Go to Greener (Multi- Purpose Cleaner)

Greener (Multi- Purpose Cleaner)

The oil and grease stains and the appliances need the harmless, safe and efficient cleaner.

Go to Green-Kleen (Industrial Degreaser)

Green-Kleen (Industrial Degreaser)

Green-Kleen is a solution for toughest stain such as grease, oil, paint and chemical stain.

We support every sale with realistic advice and information with an innovative solution which will help your office environment at a reasonable cost.

About Us

EcoChem invites you to join our mission, "Safe Swachha Bharat," by choosing to use high-performance, eco-friendly products.
EcoChem is a Green Chemical Bio based Company.

EcoChem foundation is built on four core values.
Innovation, Environmental Awareness, Service Excellence & Health & Safety.Our Products continues to dedicate itself to the research, development, and production of Non-toxic, Environmentally-Safe cleaners, Bio-based resources for a broad range of Commercial, Industrial as well as Home Hygiene Care applications.

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